Clarkes of Walsham selects Intact iQ

Clarkes of Walsham selects Intact iQ

Family-run Clarkes of Walsham has upgraded from its 22 year-old software system to Intact iQ, allowing the firm to streamline its processes and implement a number of new plans to further grow the business.

A large independent supplier of building, farming and garden materials in East Anglia, Clarkes of Walsham carries an extensive range of products and services across their 10-acre site. In addition, the company supplies country clothing and even operates an outlet for cartridges and shooting accessories.

Proud of the valued service it provides to its trade and counter customers alike, Clarkes became compelled to upgrade its ageing software when support for the system was ending. It’s “significant limitations” where also said to be hampering the merchant’s future plans.

Following a “vast search” for its perfect-fit ERP software, Clarkes was intent on finding a solution that would match its bespoke set of processes and ways of doing things. For the business, the ultimate decision to select Intact iQ meant “not having to change everything to suit the new software” as it was deemed to have the flexibility to cater for most of the firm’s process but “in a modern way”. According to Company AccountantTom Skevington: “We couldn’t see this as an option with other software packages.”

Naturally, upgrading from a 22-year-old system was a huge undertaking for all involved but even in this transitional stage of going live, staff are sadi to have noticed how quickly they can now do their jobs. And for the business, it means a better way of doing things, as Tom explains: “Every feature was an upgrade of what we had previously. There isn’t a single process that hasn’t been positively impacted by Intact iQ. As a result, we have become more efficient and productive, and we’ve reduced costs significantly.”

As the company’s system administrator, Tom added: “It’s so easy to change things, like add in a column. And even by knowing this simple process, the rest of the system works in a similar manner, including the form designer. It’s great you don’t need any coding and we know that if we need things done that we can’t do, a consultant can help us without requiring developer input.”

On the implementation, Tom said: “From the outset, all the way through and even after our go-live, our implementation was nothing short of exceptional. Everything went smoothly, and I think that was largely due to the good relationship we built up with our consultant and project managers. I can’t speak highly enough of our consultant.”

Looking to the future, Tom and his team will look to implement the mobile warehouse solution, and in particular mobile yard ordering, to help them better serve customers. This module will, in time, enable them to keep paper processes as limited as possible.

Furthermore, Clarkes will also go live with its integrated ecommerce site – something it was unable to achieve on its old system whilst also saving a lot of admin time when looking at what’s been sold on the website.

With previously little visibility to the production side of its business, the Intact works ordering processing module will for the first time let everyone see what the production side sees, and reduce the number of manual processes needed to be done in Excel.

Clarkes’ Intact iQ consultant, Simon McCarthy, concluded: “From early on, Clarkes enthusiasm for Intact iQ was clear to see and working with its project’s team, Tom and Nicola, was an absolute pleasure. They worked tirelessly with me to push Intact iQ to its full potential and completely absorbed themselves in the project. As a consultant, it is very rewarding to work with such an engaged team and to see the benefits iQ provides a business. I wish them every success in the future with Intact iQ as the driving force.”


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