D.W. Nye warns merchants about misleading advertising

D.W. Nye warns merchants about misleading advertising

D.W. Nye is calling for retailers and logistics providers to work together to change the way services are advertised and presented to the public.

Following the recent ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority to remove Amazon’s advert regarding its ‘misleading’ one-day delivery service, the spotlight has fallen on retailers’ practises when it comes to delivering to customers.

Rex Nye, Managing Director at builders’ merchant D.W. Nye, has warned retailers against using this as a way gain competitive advantage without a thorough view of what it takes to meet these requirements.

He said: “Offering the fastest possible service can be a game-changer for organisations looking for that edge, however, it can set an unrealistic standard that many retailers are simply unable to achieve.

“A true, unfaltering next-day delivery service is almost impossible for some industries, pushing companies and their employees to an unnecessary limit. Overpromising to customers has inevitably led some to breaking point and now is the time for retailers to tackle these challenges.

“The ideal place to start is by being honest with the customer and managing expectations. We’ve found this is the best possible strategy. Being an independent supplier, we understand what’s realistically possible when it comes to delivering goods to the door. We strive to offer a next-day delivery service, and in the unlikely event of any unforeseen delivery issues we’ll be transparent.”

Rex concluded: “The objective is to ensure businesses don’t promise what they can’t deliver and push their transport and delivery services to such an extent that it becomes an unrewarding place to work.”

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