Dickies invests in workwear centres for builders merchants

Dickies invests in workwear centres for builders merchants

Dickies has invested in builders merchants with a strong footfall for Dickies products and has created more workwear centres.

Hale & Co. recently celebrated 50 years of incorporation and 100 years of trading. During this substantial period of development, it has established itself as the largest supplier of products to the building and home improvement sector in the Forest of Dean and surrounding areas.

Jake Hale, General Manager at Hale & Co. said: “We are proud to be a family owned business with a long tradition of good, reliable service. From our early beginnings we have developed from a small sawmill to a thriving builders merchants with modern shops, showrooms, warehouses and storage yard, occupying a seven-acre site”.

“We believe we offer a one-stop service for builders who are able to buy anything and everything they need at the depot quickly, with excellent service and minimum amount of paperwork”.

“We have been working with Dickies since 2008 and we wanted to ensure that Dickies stood out in our store. We were very keen for the builder to touch and feel the fabric with the added opportunity of trying the clothes on. Before our re-fit, we had all our Dickies clothing stacked in plastic wrapping. Now the items have a prominent position in our store, which is also ideally situated on the way to our Sales Office. It looks more like a clothing retailer with all the items displayed attractively.”

Thomas Graham & sons is the largest provider of steel and industrial supplies serving Cumbria, south west Scotland and north Lancashire and is another Dickies Authorised Workwear Dealer.

Ian Rae, Shop Manager at Thomas Graham & Sons said: “We have been working with Dickies for approximately 12 years. With us moving to new premises, we identified an opportunity to increase our workwear offering to the customer and, having the extra space, we were able to set up the ‘shop in shop’ concept.  Our expectation with this concept was that we would be taken seriously as a supplier of work wear to the industry and that would elevate our profile in terms of an enhanced safety and workwear offering.

“This has been positive both in terms of the presentation and layout of the product but also in the increased product offering it has enabled us to display.”

Piers Beszant, from Unishop fitting said: “The new Dickies displays resulted from design ideas coming from the States, which Unishop then adapted for the British and European mainland markets. For the ‘shop in shop’ installations, which are tailored to the local shop needs, we are utilising very much an industrial feel with panels in a brick, wood and cement, blended with a metal rack style system. For other dealers, we change to a modular display in a silver finish, together with photographic panels showing the current range of Dickies equipment.”

Maurice Morton, Sales and Marketing Director at Dickies, added: “In looking to support both Hale & Co and Thomas Graham & Sons grow their sales further with Dickies, we worked closely with Unishop to create a fresh new ‘shop within a shop’ workwear display area and a range to match that could cater for their whole customer base. By creating these workwear centres for Dickies products it helps them to stand out and it has already proven that sales increase.”


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