Links in the chain: E.Tupling signs up for K8 from KCS

Links in the chain: E.Tupling signs up for K8 from KCS

Effective ERP systems can ensure efficiencies throughout the supply chain. PBM considers E.Tupling’s decision to select K8 from Kerridge Commercial Systems.

Established over 50 years ago, E.Tupling is a privately-owned and family-run distributor of Underfloor Heating Systems and Plastic Plumbing & Building products. A well-known supplier of leading brands to the merchant sector, the firm has recently selected K8 from Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) as its new business management system.

Having evaluated offerings from multiple vendors, E.Tupling is confident that K8 is the right platform on which to successfully grow their business, as Director Ross Duncanson explains: “We recognise that the market is evolving and that customers are demanding more flexibility in respect of how they engage with their suppliers.

“With a range of trading, logistics and financial modules designed and developed specifically for the distribution and wholesale industries, K8 offers us a range of features and technologies that will enable us to move our business forward on a solid platform. The business intelligence and insights that it will provide us will be invaluable. K8 will help us expand and improve our offering, so we’re excited about the future with KCS.”

The system will additionally allow E.Tupling to improve its stock management whilst the intuitive ‘one-screen’ trading functionality is designed to enable the distributor to “quickly maximise sales opportunities and deliver the great service customers expect” with users able to “quickly and easily identify the right product for the job and enjoy complete visibility of price, stock availability and options”. Just as important, they will also be able to source products effectively if they’re not immediately available.

Effective ERP systems can ensure efficiencies throughout the supply chain. PBM considers E.Tupling’s decision to select K8 from Kerridge Commercial Systems.

Ross adds: “I love how K8 is both sophisticated and simple to use. When it comes to IT, our staff have varying levels of proficiency, so we wanted a solution that would be quick and easy to learn, but that had all of the sophistication we required to drive our business forward. The simplicity of the screens, coupled with the ability to drill down into the detail when we need to, is fantastic.”

KCS says that K8 can “support the management of your entire operation” from sales order processing, procurement and stock control to CRM and business intelligence. As a cloud-based solution and with a suite of integrated apps that enable businesses to “take the technology to the job” for stock management and delivery, K8 streamlines operational efficiencies and can even help build towards sustainability goals by reducing energy, paper and other resource requirements.

Ross said: “We needed to select an ERP system that will help us to communicate effectively between all the departments in the business. Additionally, to further build on our outstanding service while improving on our efficiencies, we need to be able to monitor our data and identify trends. The good news is that when we go live with K8, we’ve got all that scientific analysis to look forward to.”

Indeed, with rising costs in the supply chain and a changing landscape, implementing robust trading software that allows a business to digitally transform and take advantage of the new technologies at the same time is becoming increasingly crucial for merchants and distributors of all sizes. With over 40 years of experience in delivering solutions for business, KCS says it has ensured that the latest version of K8 can help merchants “trade profitably, both now and in the future”.

Looking back to the example of E.Tupling, Ross concludes: “K8 is a system that will accommodate our growth. As a modern, forward-thinking company, it fits with where we are now, but more importantly, where we want to go in future. It is not just about meeting current demand, but it is also about doing that for the next three to five years. We have ambitious plans, and we believe K8 is the robust, modern system that can help us achieve them.”

James Mitchell, Managing Director for KCS in the UK and Ireland, commented: “We’re delighted to partner with E.Tupling as its digital partner, helping it take another step in its digital evolution. We work hard to listen to our customers, and design and develop solutions to help them keep up with a competitive market.

“Our continual investment in technology means that the latest version of K8, eApps and eCommerce solutions are perfectly suited to helping merchants and distributors such as E.Tupling alike. We couple this with an excellent installation process and ongoing customer support, which means Kerridge Commercial Systems can help companies like E.Tupling to grow confidently into a digital future.”

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