Great response to Sentinel training

Great response to Sentinel training

The demand for Sentinel’s best practice water treatment training is at a record high, with thousands having taken part in its on and offline training programmes in 2016 according to the company.

The growing appetite for skills improvement is not only limited to installers; strikingly, Sentinel trainees include a broad spread of heating industry professionals. Apprentices, contractors and specifiers, through to college students and lecturers, merchant sales staff, and boiler and components manufacturers have all signed up to Sentinel’s range of learning options, demonstrating growing awareness of the benefits of good water treatment among the wider marketplace.

Sentinel’s training comprises a wide range of flexible learning options such as its online training academy, on-site training centre, and commercial CPD events. In the last few months of 2016 alone, hundreds of heating professionals and merchant staff completed the online training courses, and graduates received more than £5,000 worth of free products and training materials with which to practice their new skills.

Furthermore, Sentinel is rolling out a UK-wide college training scheme in 2017, ensuring that the next generation of heating and plumbing engineers is armed with the skills to deliver best practice water treatment.

“It’s really important to Sentinel that anyone who wants to train is able to, regardless of age, experience, background, location or learning preference. This is why we’ve created so many different routes to training, including our online training academy which allows anyone, from anywhere and at any time, to further his or her knowledge in best practice water treatment,” said Daniel Cheung, UK Trade Marketing Manager for Sentinel.

The company’s training programmes go beyond minimum building requirements, instead arming participants with best practice expertise that will enable them to permanently prevent corrosion and limescale related problems in heating systems. This refreshing approach is much needed in an industry where poor water treatment remains endemic – according to research and testing by a major boiler manufacturer, 87% of systems visited on service calls were found to be without correct water treatment.

“Best practice water treatment is able to deliver lifetime protection from corrosion and limescale, helping to prevent problems like boiler breakdown, premature repairs and parts replacements, poor heating efficiency and loss of boiler warranty. These are common issues and can be really costly for all parties involved.”

“It’s no wonder then that demand for Sentinel training is so tremendous, although even we have been surprised – delightfully so – by the response. It’s clear that all sectors of the market recognise the importance and benefits of good water treatment,” said Daniel.

The foundation of Sentinel’s water treatment training programmes is the company’s best practice system of clean, protect, maintain. When used in conjunction with Sentinel’s products, the company believes this approach is set up to deliver lifetime protection from corrosion and limescale-induced heating problems.

“It’s taken considerable investment in time, finances and human resources, but our training programmes are having a far reaching impact on the industry and continue to grow in popularity. We’re proud that our trainees range from students who are completely new to water treatment, right through to merchant staff and experienced engineers catching up with the latest tools and methods. We even have a significant number of college lecturers taking our online courses. It really demonstrates that anyone can benefit from training at any stage in their career,” concluded Mr Cheung.

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