h&b launches new online training programme

h&b launches new online training programme

Independent merchant buying group h&b has announced the launch of a new training scheme for its members – the h&b BMF Training Campus.

The h&b BMF Training Campus offers members subsidised access to the BMF’s made-for-merchants training platform and, as well as BMF courses and training bundles, it will offer members access to specialist h&b content. As part of its focus on sustainability in 2022, h&b is providing participating members free access to the supply chain sustainability school content for the first twelve months plus further subsidies to members under its Training Support Initiative.

BMF Campus in an online training platform available exclusively to BMF members, and is described as a gateway to industry-specific and more general training topics which can all be accessed at the pace and convenience of the student. In line with today’s online learning culture, students can log into their individual profile 24/7 enabling true learning-on-demand. This means that businesses can offer employees at every level a tailored development opportunity without disrupting the flow of day-to-day operations.

There are three subscription options, each offering levels of system functionality, which can then be supplemented with relevant training bundles to suit business and development needs for today and the future. Apart from detailed product and installation-based content, the BMF Training Campus offers business modules  – such as  successful selling, improving profit margin, handling conflict, and negotiating skills –  as well as health, safety and security, IT, leadership, and sustainability.

Jamie Wyatt, h&b’s Trading Director, siad: “This new training initiative  aims to give h&b members and their staff further support in both  product and relevant industry training whilst supporting the drive  towards a more sustainable future. Well-trained, knowledgeable staff are an independent merchants’ key asset in modern merchanting, and h&b continues to offer its members additional benefits  alongside the great buying deals available and this is one of many key initiatives being rolled out.”

Described as a truly national merchant buying group with sales approaching £1bn a year through its growing membership of independent builders’ merchants, h&b now has 110 merchant members who operate from more than 285 branches and trading in partnership with around 280 suppliers.

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