Heatrae Sadia develops fully responsive, easy-to-use website

Heatrae Sadia develops fully responsive, easy-to-use website

Heatrae Sadia has developed a fully responsive, easy-to-use website that reflects its Smarter, Cleaner, Warmer branding.

The new website has been designed to reflect the company’s stated commitment to delivering energy efficient, intelligent hot water products. It includes all the information customers need on Heatrae Sadia’s products, with its new design ensuring that technical details and images can be found quickly and easily.

Heatrae Sadia has included easy-to-use libraries for literature, BIM files and video content. Other new features include an e-newsletter signup facility, where users can opt to receive the latest news, event details, advice and new product information, a Twitter feed and enquiry and warranty registration forms.

Jon Cockburn, Head of Marketing at Heatrae Sadia, said: “We know that installers generally use product websites via their mobile phones or tablets while they’re on the go; they might need to look at a product while they’re at a merchant counter, or show something to a customer or check installation details during a site visit. Therefore it was essential for us to launch a fully responsive website, where the content works just as well on a mobile or tablet as it does on a desktop.

“We’ve also taken the opportunity to make the site easier to use. Our ‘Megamenu’ navigation system will improve the customer journey by making browsing simple and straightforward. We’ve also added features like thumbnail image galleries and suggestions for similar website content users may also be interested in.

“Furthermore, a real-time predictive website search means installers and consumers will be able to find the Heatrae Sadia site and information about our products much quicker than before.

“While there is lots of technical data, we know that consumers also use the website, so we have included information and images to appeal to that audience too. In addition, people who want to work for Heatrae Sadia will now find it easier to apply for jobs, through the inclusion of an online application form for current vacancies.

“Alongside all of this, the website has a new and improved look, to better reflect our Smarter, Cleaner, Warmer branding.”

To view the new website visit www.heatraesadia.com

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