‘Hello Hydrogen’ campaign launches to tackle “lack of choice” for future home heating

‘Hello Hydrogen’ campaign launches to tackle “lack of choice” for future home heating

Some of the biggest names in the UK energy industry have joined forces to launch a campaign to raise awareness of hydrogen gas for heating our homes, calling on the Government to commit to a hydrogen future.

The ‘Hello Hydrogen’ Campaign sees gas distribution networks, boiler manufacturers and energy suppliers come together to raise households’ awareness on the low-carbon gas’s role in reducing CO2 emissions. Members of the group hope the information hub will teach people about new hydrogen-ready boilers that could be used to heat their homes in the future.

The alliance argues that the switch from natural gas to hydrogen for home heating could cut CO2 emissions by 20 million tonnes a year – equivalent to 12 million cars – but the industry want clear guidance from the Government that it remains committed to hydrogen as it steps up efforts to develop the necessary technology. Furthermore, the group contends that producing hydrogen for homes in the UK could also create tens of thousands of jobs and help the country avoid future cost of living crises by ending its reliance on natural gas from overseas.

Hello Hydrogen also wants to highlight the ease in which homes will be able to install the new hydrogen-ready boilers like-for-like with old ones at the end of their life in a cost-efficient way – especially in households where they might not have space for alternative future heating options like heat pumps.

Campaign Director Angela Needle commented: “As people start to turn on their heating again, we think now is the perfect time to begin the conversation about how we will all heat our homes in the future. We want households to know that there will be numerous ways to warm up their radiators or cook their dinner and hydrogen could be the right choice for them.

“For too long, consumers have only heard about expensive options that take up lots of space, to make their homes greener. We want them to know other, more affordable, choices will be available. We now need the Government to get behind our campaign and show real commitment to a hydrogen future so the energy sector can start the huge investment needed to make it a reality.

“This will boost the economy, create jobs in the UK, allow us to have control over our energy again and reduce carbon emissions.”

Campaign Chair, Victoria Billings of Worcester Bosch UK, said: “The industry is coming together to build a hydrogen future that means household bills are no longer linked to global events. That’s why we’ve launched the Hello Hydrogen campaign to make sure consumers are kept fully informed of the choices they have for the future of heating their homes.

“We want hydrogen-ready boilers to play their part in heating homes across the country, knowing they will fit in the same place as traditional boilers and will cost the same price, but we need to know the Government are fully behind hydrogen as a choice for millions of households.”

The Hello Hydrogen campaign is described as being fully funded by the Gas Industry. Backers include: Cadent Gas, Northern Gas Networks, Wales and West Utilities, SGN, The Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM), National Grid, Baxi, Worcester Bosch, Valliant, Ideal and Intergas along with British Gas and Ryze Hydrogen. Supporters of the campaign also include the GMB plus industry bodies Community Trade Union, Hydrogen UK, Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC), Energy Utilities Alliance (EUA) and the Food Service Equipment Association.

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