HepVO: The space-saving and hassle-free waterless valve

HepVO: The space-saving and hassle-free waterless valve

Since the first plumbing water trap was invented by Alexander Cumming in 1775, the system used to prevent sewer gases from entering a building has remained largely unchanged. That was until Wavin introduced HepVO — the self-sealing and waterless alternative to conventional traps.

Conventional trap systems prevent foul odours from entering buildings by having a water seal, but this can fail due to a number of conditions including evaporation, siphonage and other mechanisms. HepVO does not rely on trapped water to create a seal, instead using a self-sealing membrane which will not dry out or freeze.

HepVO utilises a purpose-designed elastomeric membrane to create an airtight seal between the living space and the drainage system, without any of the hassle or problems associated with a traditional water trap. The self-sealing valve opens under the water pressure of an appliance emptying, and closes to form a tight seal after the appliance has discharged under normal atmospheric conditions.

During the manufacturing process, the valve is securely fixed to the fitting so it cannot be accidentally removed or dislodged in a way that might affect sealing performance. In terms of flow rates, it exceeds the requirements set out by British and European Standards for 1 ¼” and 1½” traps with a 75mm seal when installed horizontally or vertically.

Where you need to prevent foul sewer gases from entering a building, HepVO can be installed as an alternative to conventional water traps and it will not dry up, will not ‘gurgle’ and will not let you down.

The video below explains more:

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