Honeywell launches the Lyric T6

Honeywell launches the Lyric T6

Honeywell has launched its latest programmable thermostat. The Lyric T6 is a product that is said to be an easy-to-install, flexible and energy efficient heating control that features all the best elements of modern technology. The thermostat is also connected, giving homeowners the flexibility to control their comfort from wherever they are, through a dedicated Lyric app.

The thermostat can be managed remotely via tablet or smartphone, has integrated Wi-Fi-connectivity, and offers smart energy saving features. It also includes location-based temperature control (geo-fencing), to sense when the home owner is leaving or returning to the property and adjust the heating accordingly.

The Lyric T6 is compatible with Apple HomeKit, enabling the product to be controlled using an Apple or Android device, which is an additional benefit for merchants to be informing their customers about.

Installation has been made simpler thanks to the flip-up wiring bar, clearly labeled terminals and strain relief, which is said to make wiring the receiver box easier than previous devices. Once fitted, the installer is guided through the configuration process with either the modern touch screen or remotely via the Lyric app, which also detects if all the components are connected correctly.

The programmable thermostat can be used with any boiler or application as a room temperature control in an S Plan or Y Plan system, and it can also control under floor heating manifolds. Available in both the wall-mounted-wired and the wireless models, the Lyric T6 is suitable for new installations or upgrades. OpenTherm connectivity is available in both models, and the thermostat includes features such as delayed-start and Time Proportional & Integral control (TPI) to help drive energy efficiency savings for homeowners.

“With Lyric T6, we are broadening our installer’s product offering with what homeowners want and need – easy-to-use temperature control with connected features and big potential energy savings,” said Mario Moura, General Manager of Honeywell’s residential business in Europe. “Our installers can deliver the reliable heat control system with little instruction and rest assured the thermostat will perform as expected, resulting in fewer callbacks.”

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