‘Cost of living package’ launched for IBMG staff

‘Cost of living package’ launched for IBMG staff

The Independent Builders Merchant Group (IBMG) is the latest in a growing line of merchant businesses to launch a comprehensive cost of living support package for its employees.

Some 2,000+ employees across IBMG’s 20 brands will benefit from a three-pronged package of additional support that includes a one-off winter payment, a ‘perks package’ and a special Employee Purchase Scheme(EPS).

The growing merchant group was making a one-off payment of £500 to employees this winter in an immediate effort to assist with the rising cost of living. Alongside this, IBMG has also launched a Group-wide employee ‘perks package’ that has proven successful in saving £1,000s during its pilot run throughout the Parker Building Supplies network. This  package provides discounts for IBMG employees on a raft of daily essentials such as groceries, clothes, mobile phones, insurance and household bills.

Finally, IBMG has a new special employee purchase scheme(EPS) that provides employees of the Group with exceptional discounts on IBMG’s vast range energy saving products, such as insulation and draught proofing – a key to longer-term security from rising energy costs.

IBMG’s CEO, Martin Stables, said: “We are delighted to be able to provide this support. We forecast that the combination of these measures will immediately benefit and support our team.

“These are extraordinary times and as a leading group of successful builders’ merchants, we feel it is important to support our brilliant employees throughout the business. The vast majority of our team have been with the business for many years. Everyone works hard, showing dedication to their role and we want to help them and their families even further at this challenging time.

“From a winter payment and help with energy saving measures, to an extensive discount package to help with day-to-day household expenditures we hope to wrap our arms around each person in our IBMG family and provide help through this winter and beyond.”


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