IBMG roofing merchants unveil ‘Core 100’ initiative

IBMG roofing merchants unveil ‘Core 100’ initiative

IBMG has launched ‘CORE 100’ – an initiative billed as focusing on streamlining and enhancing supplies of 100 key roofing products throughout its network of roofing merchants.

CORE 100 aims to bring uniformity “in terms of quality, price and availability” to 100 roofing staples that include products such as dry ridge, eave protection, chimney products, vent tiles, and fibre glass valleys among others.

The merchant group contends that “the roofing sector has grappled with challenges related to fragmented supply chains, inconsistent pricing, varying product quality and availability.” In response, IBMG’s roofing division has undertaken an ambitious endeavour to bring consistency across a 100 of the most popular roofing staples throughout MS RoofingIndependent Roofing Supplies and Roofing Gear branch network.

Category Director Simon Braithwaite said: “Unifying key roofing products under the ‘Core 100’ umbrella is part of our ongoing efforts to simplify the procurement process for our customers, so that throughout our roofing branch network our customers can buy the same product at the same price, while we provide assurances of quality and availability.”

According to IBMG, the key customer benefits will include: 

Consistent Pricing: Customers will enjoy uniform pricing for core roofing products across all IBMG roofing merchant brands, eliminating confusion and ensuring transparency.

Enhanced Availability: With ‘Core 100’, essential roofing products will be readily available at all times, reducing lead times and minimising project delays.

Trusted Suppliers: IBMG Roofing Division has partnered with industry-leading suppliers to guarantee the quality and reliability of  our ‘Core 100′ products, instilling confidence in customers’ purchasing decisions.

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