IG Lintels wins Bradfords Supplier of the Year Award

IG Lintels wins Bradfords Supplier of the Year Award

IG Lintels has been awarded ‘Bradfords Supplier of the Year’ at the merchant’s recent Awards for Excellence “in recognition of its exceptional customer service”.

The leading steel lintels manufacturer says it is proud to have won the title from a highly competitive field, and states it is “honoured to have been nominated for this prestigious accolade, after being voted for unanimously by all branch and support staff”.

Caroline Meredith, Commercial Director at IG Lintels, said: “This award is the result of the incredible dedication and hard work the IG team has demonstrated in a very difficult year, and recognises all colleagues from Production, Logistics, SOP, Technical, Sales and Finance. This is yet another example of how as a business we are able to deliver exceptional service, even in the most challenging times and that this high standard is recognised across the industry.”

Referencing the supplier’s successful relationship with Bradfords, Sales Director Chris Hemmington-Green commented: “John Rendall, Bradfords’ Supply Chain and Logistics Director recognised, in a year of unprecedented challenges, the proactive support and collaborative approach IG took throughout the year, and our outstanding commitment to fulfil all orders and requirements. Our willingness and ability to rise to all the challenges both businesses faced, whilst maintaining regular and re-assuring contact at all times is also acknowledged.”

Offering the the merchant’s perspective, Paul Smith, Head of Category Manager at Bradfords, added: “From the representation on the ground through to director level, IG Lintels responded positively to the many challenges that 2021 continued to throw at us. When steel shortages arose, resulting in product rationing, they worked with us to ensure all our orders were accommodated. Many suppliers have reduced their price increase notice period but (IG Lintels’ parent company) Keystone has maintained theirs.

“Allan Wheeler, their Area Sales Manager, is in regular contact with branches and key accounts offices. Chris Hemmington-Green, their Sales Director communicates well and works to resolve any issues that arise. IG Lintels has also just completed a range review, providing valuable information on market trends and have uplifted and credited their products outside of a new company profile.”

Caroline Meredith continued: “This is a relationship built on trust and mutual respect. Both parties can rely on each other to deliver what is promised, and an assurance that if there are any issues or concerns these are communicated promptly and constructively, and dealt with in an efficient and professional manner.”

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