Introducing two new mobile apps for CounterAct

Introducing two new mobile apps for CounterAct

Border Merchant Systems, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of software dedicated to timber, roofing, plumbing, ironmongers and builders’ merchants, is delighted to announce two brand new mobile apps for its CounterAct Software — CounterAct Mobile Stock Checking App and the Supplier Purchase Orders App.

Both apps will initially be available on Android devices and can be used on phone or tablets.

The Stock Checking app is designed to speed up and simplify the stock checking process. The app can be used to create and recall a spot check or perform a full stock check. Generating a stock check produces a list of products to be checked.  The date and time spot check option allows users to count products without having to freeze the stock. The app will log the date and time counted against each product.

The app can also use the built in camera on the phone or tablet to read bar codes on products, or users can connect a wireless bar code reader to the device instead.

The Supplier Purchase Orders mobile app is designed to ease the generation of supplier purchase orders by using a mobile device, whilst walking round the showroom or yard. The app supports multi-branch organisations, so purchase orders can be generated for different branches from a single device.

The user is given the option of either generating an Ad Hoc list of products that need ordering or a direct supplier order. Users can choose as many products as they need and scan barcodes to help speed up the whole ordering process.

A direct supplier order generates a PO for products from a particular supplier. The app will list the products that you have set to source from that supplier in CounterAct. Purchase orders can be saved to be recalled later if required, giving the user a choice of when to complete the order. The order is then loaded automatically into CounterAct.

For the Ad-Hoc order lists, CounterAct will generate as many different supplier purchase orders as required. Users still have all the flexibility that CounterAct provides for changing purchase orders before sending.

Phil Davies, Commercial Manager, Border Merchant Systems, comments, “These new apps are designed to speed up the labour intensive processes of stock checking and supplier ordering. They will give our users more control to record and purchase stock in an efficient way with less room for errors. We are offering free trials of the Apps, subject to availability, to our users.”

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