Keylite outlines smart home opportunities for merchants

Keylite outlines smart home opportunities for merchants

Smart technology has been soaring in popularity over recent years, with surveys suggesting more than 30% of UK homeowners now own at least one smart home product. In an article from the June issue of PBM, Colin Wells, Head of Technical at Keylite Roof Windows, discusses the opportunities this brings for merchants.

Following the events of the past couple of years, where the UK population found itself spending a lot more time at home, it’s no surprise that demand and consumer appeal for smart home tech has continued to rise.

Indeed, according to their annual report on the state of the connected home, published in July 2021, techUK and gfK stated that UK consumers purchased 21.8 million smart home devices in 2020 — a 22% rise in volume compared to 2019. And the market predicts that there is still huge opportunity for further growth, as smart home tech still only accounted for less than a fifth of all home technology purchased.

Early adopters of smart home tech enjoyed the first benefits of the connected home, with the ability to control appliances such as lights, central heating, hot water, and security. Fast forward to 2022 and the landscape continues to change — smart speakers and TVs are commonplace, and smart technology itself will soon be standard in almost every household appliance we buy.

At the same time, savvy households are making full use of smart lighting and energy control to help reduce their bills, with AI and learning technologies understanding patterns in our routines and adapting the way our homes respond.

While the pandemic has certainly seen many homeowners investing more in the fabric and fittings in their homes, it has also brought a sea change in how we think about their impact on our wellbeing — and the environment around us. Consumers choosing smart technologies are no longer satisfied with additional control or security; comfort, improved health and a reduced carbon footprint are equally important considerations.

It is these home comforts that Keylite is bringing to the fore. Fresh air ventilation, natural daylight and thermal protection are amongst the top factors in transforming a house into a healthy and comfortable home. But with daily life and energy efficiency often putting the three out of balance, our Keylite product specialists set out to enable smart home technology to align both convenience and home productivity.

The result is our brand-new smart home technology product range called ‘keyliteConnect’, which includes app-enabled Keylite roof windows and blinds, and wireless technology to transform the way consumers experience natural daylight and fresh air in their homes.

Using the keyliteConnect app and hub, homeowners can monitor and operate their smart roof windows and blinds remotely. The app allows users to set pre-timed actions, such as airing the building for a certain duration, or automatically lower blinds in the evening, meaning users can keep their homes running efficiently and conveniently, no matter whether they’re at home or away.

Indeed, Keylite has always been at the forefront of innovation, and we are extremely proud of this latest product development. With over 15 million ‘smart homes’ in the UK and Ireland, it’s clear that the need and desire for smart technology is prevalent amongst consumers — and merchants are set to benefit.

We are passionate about helping our merchant partners make the most of market trends and sales opportunities, and that’s why we invest heavily in product training. For example, our ‘Keylite Academy’ is a training portal that allows merchants to explore and learn everything they need to know about Keylite Roof Windows and the many products and services we offer, including keyliteConnect.

Moreover, we view our sales team as an extension of our distributors’ sales teams and therefore forging strong relationships with our customers is extremely important to us. This is, in part, why we have recently received ‘Supplier of the Year’ accolades at recent merchant industry awards.

Click here for more information on the keyliteConnect range.

keyliteConnect at-a-glance

Clean, fresh air: Switch the roof windows to the trickle ventilation position on the app, and fresh air can circulate without compromising building safety.

Weatherproof: The smart rain sensor will automatically close windows in the event of a downpour.

Long term cost savings: keyliteConnect app-enabled Solar Powered Roof Windows and Blinds are powered completely by solar energy with no requirement for mains electricity. Harvesting solar energy, the roof windows retain power in the window’s battery system, enabling operation day and night.

Easy to operate and install: The app allows users to create personalised settings for individual rooms and even users.

Maximum security: Once connected to Wi-Fi, the keyliteConnect hub ensures only specified users can operate the applications remotely via the accompanying app.

Smart technology has been soaring in popularity over recent years. Keylite Roof Windows' Colin Wells discusses the opportunities this brings for merchants.

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