LED refit shines a spotlight on Howarth Timber

LED refit shines a spotlight on Howarth Timber

Howarth Timber and Building Supplies’ branches across the country are being refitted with LED lighting, after the company successfully secured funding from the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

The Electricity Demand Reduction pilot scheme was established by the government department in order to encourage businesses across the UK to reduce electricity consumption at peak times, by providing funding for new installations or improvements to current facilities.

Howarth Timber and Building Supplies was one of 18 successful bidders for funding from the pilot scheme. LED lighting is praised for its efficiency, with up to 90% less energy used when compared to incandescent lighting.

There are 30 sites designated for refitting, with work having commenced at the beginning of 2015. A total of £600,000 is being spent on the initiative overall.

Howarth Timber’s investment in sustainable strategies has also led to the development of the Howarth Greenhouse in Rochdale, a facility dedicated to offering the latest environmentally focused products with specialist proven training solutions.

Jay Pickup, Sustainability Development Manager at Howarth Timber, said: “The LED refits across the chosen sites are a major achievement for Howarth Timber; we’re excited that such an ambitious target has been recognised and endorsed by the Government.

It’s positive that we are investing in LED lighting to help reduce our costs and electricity consumption as well as reducing our overall carbon emissions.”

For more information on Howarth Timber please visit www.howarth-timber.co.uk.

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