Lindsey Hart joins the NP Group Board

Lindsey Hart joins the NP Group Board

At the age of 31, Lindsey Hart has been appointed as the Sales & Marketing Director of the NP Group, becoming the first woman and the youngest person ever to join the builders’ merchant group’s Board of Directors.

The group incorporates Norman Piette, Norman Piette Ecohomes, Annandale, Project, Quantum Building Supplies in Jersey, and Blanchard Building Supplies in Alderney.

Lindsey’s career path at Norman Piette took her through various positions within the company until reaching her current position on the Board. A former Castel Primary School and Guernsey Grammar School pupil, Lindsey went to Newcastle University where she was awarded a Business Management Honours degree before taking up her first full-time job as a marketing assistant at Norman Piette.

Commenting on her promotion, Lindsey explained that she views her biggest challenge as spending enough time within each business, in each island, understanding the different markets and adding value to the company’s strategic plans. She said: “Fortunately, we have a fantastic team in every island, so I’m really excited to work more closely with them.

“In any business, leadership is about looking after your team as well as you can and ensuring they’re motivated and happy doing what they do. I’m lucky to have had some really good mentors who’ve believed in me, and I hope that I can do the same for others.”

NP Group CEO John Bampkin commented: “Lindsey’s appointment comes on the back of an awful lot of hard work, commitment and making things happen. This promotion is in recognition of her fantastic contribution to the NP Group she has made so far. Her enthusiasm and thirst for learning and improvement are what has impressed me most after the last four years of working with her.

“Lindsey is incredibly customer focused and this particular mindset is always needed on a Board, especially that of a trading company. I am very excited about working with her and the other Directors to help shape the future of the NP Group.”

This year Norman Piette celebrates 50 years as a business and Lindsey has been a key player in marking this achievement. She said: “Looking back has been great but my role is also to look to the future. My aim is to ensure that the NP Group will continue to help build a better Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney for many more years to come.”

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