Marley says “offering solar is a must for merchants”

Marley says “offering solar is a must for merchants”

As part of the Future Homes Standard, the changes to Part L – aiming to deliver a 31% improvement on current sustainability and energy efficiency standards in new homes – has helped boost the demand for renewable and sustainable technologies. With the full set of standards coming into effect in 2025, the demand for renewables such as solar PV looks set to consistently increase, creating huge opportunities for builders’ merchants. So says Kevin Taylor, Training & Technical Support Manager at Marley.

Rapid rise in demand for renewables

Kevin said: “The renewables industry is currently booming, driven by a number of key factors. Firstly, the climate crisis is fast reaching a critical point, with governments around the world taking action to try and reduce its effects – such as the UK’s net zero greenhouse gas emission target, of which, the changes to Part L of the building regulations that covers both new construction and some refurbishment work for dwellings and other buildings in England forms a significant part.

“Secondly, this will naturally lead to a reduction in the use of fossil fuels, such as coal, gas and oil, but in any case, the prices of these resources are soaring.”

Kevin continued: “Working to avoid the worst that climate change may bring, as well as the desire for us to become more self-sufficient in how we produce our power means that the demand for alternative energy, that is both clean and more affordable, has never been so strong.”

Demand outstripping supply

“In addition, the recent Spring Budget detailed further support and investment in renewable and sustainable industries,” added Kevin. “Whilst this is a positive step, it further highlights the need for merchants to supply the best products for skilled contractors to facilitate the changes that are required.

“Put simply, there’s a huge opportunity for builders’ merchants to supply integrated solar PV systems to roofing contractors who are savvy enough to upskill their workforce. Those contractors that have are already seeing huge benefits, with completely full schedules for lucrative roofing and solar PV installation work – which can only be good news for the builders’ merchants supplying them.”

Marley SolarTile® – a complete solution

Kevin enthused: “Whilst solar may seem like a totally new market for some merchants, the opportunity it too big to miss: solar should be discussed on every roof and roof truss enquiry – it’s a great upselling opportunity for any merchant in the UK.

“Plus, there is support for merchants from manufacturers such as Marley – whose Marley SolarTile® integrated solar panel provides an innovative, reliable and sustainable solar energy system. At Marley, we can work with you to support finding solar opportunities and offering your team training and guidance on the product range and system – increasing your confidence when talking to your customers.”

Change, sustain and gain

Kevin concludes: “At Marley, we want merchants to be prepared for the far-reaching effects of Part L. We are moving from a fossil fuel economy to a green economy that will require a complete change to our infrastructure. How we create, distribute, use and conserve our energy will change. It is a huge task and we are only at the start of it.

“Solar PV will form a large part of that future and is a great opportunity for builders’ merchants to supply great products like Marley SolarTile® – make sure you’re part of it.”

For further details on Marley’s full roof system, including SolarTile®, visit or call 01283 722222.

Marley's Kevin Taylor says that as demand for renewables such as solar PV looks set to consistently increase, huge opportunities are being created for builders’ merchants.

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