Marley showcases “a sustainable future with SolarTile”

Marley showcases “a sustainable future with SolarTile”

With the cost of energy continuing to rise, there is increased demand for renewable energy alternatives such as solar. And Marley argues that builders’ merchants wanting to make the most of this opportunity should look no further than its SolarTile offering.

According to its manufacturer, Marley SolarTile has been “developed to deliver on aesthetics, installation and importantly, sustainability”. For years, only ‘bolt on’ systems were available, yet Marley SolarTile is said to provide “a truly integrated roof system that fits seamlessly with the design of the roof”.

New build or retro-fit

Suitable for both new build and the retro-fit markets, Marley SolarTile does away with the need for counter battens as required on other in-tray roof systems, thanks to its double fixing to battens and trusses, and by replacing existing tiles rather than fixing over the top of them, the system can greatly reduce the risk of costly tile breakages on the roof.

Complete compatibility

“Completely compatible” with all clay and concrete tiles and slates, Marley SolarTile is supplied as a complete kit with all components, such as adhesive flashing and fireproofing materials included so there’s no extra material costs. Whilst colour-coded boxes make for easy installation, the patented push- together design means that installation times of less than one hour per kilowatt peak can be achieved.

High demand for solar

Stuart Nicholson, Roof Systems Director at Marley said: “With several key factors at play – including rising energy costs, climate emergency, changes to Part L as well as the recently announced VAT cut to 0% on installing energy-saving materials in residential properties, consumer demand for solar energy is on the increase.

“Marley SolarTile is an innovative, reliable and sustainable solar energy system that, when used alongside a full range of Marley roofing products, forms part of our full roof system, complete with our 15-year guarantee.”

Opportunities for merchants

Stuart continued: “Solar should be discussed on every roof and roof truss enquiry – it’s a great upselling opportunity for any merchant in the UK.

“Whilst solar may seem like a totally new market for some merchants, the opportunity it too big to miss. At Marley, we can work with you to support finding solar opportunities and offering your team training and guidance on the product range and system – increasing your confidence when talking to your customers.”

He concluded: “We’re here to help guide you through the solar opportunities that lie ahead.”

For advice and further details on Marley’s SolarTile system, visit or call 01283 722222.

Marley argues that builders’ merchants wanting to make the most of the opportunities in renewable energy alternatives such as solar should look no further than its SolarTile offering.

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