Question Time: Marmox Slicedstone Mosaics

Question Time: Marmox Slicedstone Mosaics

Marmox is promising “infinite design opportunities” for its Slicedstone Mosaics. PBM puts the questions to the manufacturer.

Q. Where does the Slicedstone range fit into the current Marmox portfolio and what is its appeal?

Thanks to products like our waterproof Multiboards and the highly adaptable Showerlay membrane, Marmox has long been synonymous with quality bathroom and wetroom solutions. The Slicedstone range offers reliability coupled with visual appeal across a range of residential and commercial settings, including bathrooms and wetrooms, sports and leisure complexes, spas & wellness centres — and recently, even a dog grooming parlour in Kent!

Q. The material certainly looks like a twenty-first century nod to the mosaics of the ancient Romans, but we understand there are some very modern manufacturing processes at play and advances in ease of use?

The tiles are laser-cut from beautiful Indian sedimentary rock, backed with a decoupling waterproof membrane, ensuring the individual tiles are precisely spaced at 3mm for consistent neat grouting. The Slicedstone range is supplied in easy-to-handle rolls, which are 80% faster to install, require 60% less grout and come with a reassuring 10-year guarantee.

With a choice of ten finishes, the 4mm thick tiles’ faces have been treated with a clear Polycarbonate solution to create a stable surface that is waterproof, stain resistant, UV stable and allows for the easy removal of adhesive and grout residue after application.

Marmox is promising “infinite design opportunities” for its Slicedstone Mosaics. PBM puts the questions to the manufacturer.

Q. Tell us more about some of the designs available and what can be achieved on a project?
The palette of stone colours consists of Bronze, Copper, Mars Stone and Sea Stone, Graphite, Autumn Leaf and Beige, as well as Slate, Lava Stone and Slate Lava Stone. Installers can select from 25 x 25mm or 50 x 50mm, while the lightweight rolls measure 500 x 1,000mm or the installer can opt for 300mm square sheets, all of which adds up to considerable freedom of design expression.

The sizes can also be mixed or matched, the colourways the same, and the mosaics can be applied to walls, ceilings, floors, and shelving. Additionally, the tiling can be applied over all flooring substrates, including across underfloor heating.

In addition, the riven finish of the stone means that it can be used for non-slip steps, on shower floors, and flooring more generally.

Q. And what additional support is available from the manufacturer for a merchant’s trade customers?
For the specifier or specialist sub-contractor seeking guidance around installation and site preparation, Marmox can provide a full technical backup service, which can stretch from simple design ideas and tips on preparing the substrate, to extensive on-site support and guidance for both the residential and commercial sectors.

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Marmox is promising “infinite design opportunities” for its Slicedstone Mosaics. PBM puts the questions to the manufacturer.

Marmox has been selling construction materials for wall and floors for the last 25 years. With annual sales increasing exponentially around the world, the brand is a global leader in the creation of new and innovative construction products.

Beyond the Slicedstone Mosaic portfolio discussed in the main article, the company specialises in Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) core products with XPS described as an “amazingly versatile product to work with as it is a strong, lightweight material that offers fantastic insulating and waterproofing qualities”.

Through product ranges such as its popular, versatile and waterproof Multiboards and the “highly adaptable” Showerlay membrane, the company has seen significant growth in its merchant sales over the last few years. In part, this has been due to a commitment to increase product availability, as Jonathan Parsons, UK Business & Product Development Manager at Marmox UK, told PBM in May: “As result of Brexit, we had decided to double our stock holding in the event of transport disruptions during this period of uncertainty and as a result we kept our warehouse fully stocked throughout, which had a knock-on benefit when Covid struck us.”

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