Marsh launches new merchant sales support solution

Marsh launches new merchant sales support solution

Marsh Industries has launched Pinnacle-AV – billed as an innovative, AI-driven sales tool designed to reduce estimating time and pressure on its merchants’ sales forces.

While the merchant supply chain is recovering from both the pandemic and the effects of Brexit, it is also battling with staffing issues, material shortages and rising inflation and transportation costs. As a result, one of the single biggest issues that branch managers, regional directors and sales teams are facing is time management.

Steve Boyer, Managing Director of Marsh, explained: “We have seen these time management pressures escalate for merchants over the last three months, and we believe it is not currently reasonable to expect merchants to take time out of their day to see our sales teams on just routine calls. We can help by using Zoom or telephone appointments, but this will not necessarily help promote current and future sales enquiries. To help improve the situation we have launched our innovative sales support tool, Pinnacle-AV.”

Pinnacle-AV, said to be the first of its kind in the industry, uses artificial intelligence and multimedia to prepare a “bespoke quotation module” for Marsh sewage treatment plants, pump chambers and oil separators.

The quotation module consists of a personalised quote for merchant customers’ contract requirements including video, design drawings and all relevant process calculations that can then be given to the customer, and regulatory bodies if required, to secure the project.

Furthermore, the Pinnacle-AV quotation module can also be customised using merchant logos, branding elements and contact details.

Steve continued: “We have trialled this solution since March 2022 on a limited scale and the response from merchants has been tremendous. Pinnacle-AV enables your sales team to present a detailed technical quotation with confidence to their customers – for example, in a short 3-minute video, Pinnacle-AV can answer all the sales and technical queries your customer or contractor may have.

“We believe that by working collaboratively with Marsh and using Pinnacle-AV, we can help reduce the time pressure and bring a serious competitive advantage to your merchant sales forces. If you would like a personal presentation, please contact us and I will personally arrange for it to be undertaken.”

Visit the Marsh Industries website for more information.

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