New NBG website marks communication focus

New NBG website marks communication focus

The National Buying Group (NBG) has launched a new website which is the flagship for the Group’s new emphasis on open two-way communication with its partners and suppliers.

It represents a real portal into the organisation and offers member access to tailored information at the click of a mouse via the ground-breaking NBG Hub.

Nick Oates, NBG Chief Executive, said: “This is our shop window and an important point of reference for our partners and suppliers. The new website reinforces NBG’s position as the Premier Buying Group for Independents – a professional, strong and unified buying group with an important focus on community and supplier relationships. The cleaner design, improved navigation and enhanced content will give members, potential members, and other stake holders a more satisfying and user friendly experience.”

The new website is just one of a raft of measures that NBG is putting in place to further improve communication between the Group, its partners and its suppliers, with the overall objective of mutually growing sales. This includes a dynamic performance feedback system; regular supplier workshops; and Merchant Pages, a new online product data service for merchant partners and suppliers.

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