NMBS boosts direct debit cashback

NMBS boosts direct debit cashback

Independent merchants are said to be  finding it easier than ever to manage their direct debits and account facilities with NMBS, thanks to upgrades made to NMBS’ banking services.

The NMBS Direct Debit scheme has been in operation since mid-2016, and to encourage even more members to sign up NMBS are offering £300 cashback – £25 a month for a maximum of 12 months – when signing up for the first time.

Since early 2020, NMBS members have been able to access their NMBS invoices online by logging in to the NMBS Document Centre, where they can review their invoices and quickly approve direct debit payments with a simple click.

Before these improvements were made, members would have to review a month-end statement generated by NMBS, before dealing with any queries or withheld items by phone or email, a process that often took a great deal of time.

This process has now been automated, so members can now simply log in and monitor their accounts at any time, quickly checking the invoices and approving them for payment by direct debit. Any queries can be logged online and then sent automatically to the supplier for further investigation. Paying their invoices by direct debit also means NMBS members have even more legal protection through the Direct Debit guarantee scheme.

Christina Walker, NMBS Finance and Systems Manager, has been overseeing the project and its implementation. She says: “This new system gives our members full autonomy to manage their invoices and direct debits with us. It’s been going really well since its launch, and we already have more than 150 members signed up to use the system.

“Members like how easy it is to use and how much time it saves them in manual processing, as they no longer have to raise BACS payments or send us remittances, making the process completely paperless. We are continuing to listen to our members’ feedback and will make further continuous improvements to the Direct Debit Portal going forward.”

For more details visit www.nmbs.co.uk.

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