Rebranding of Hepworth Terracotta

Rebranding of Hepworth Terracotta

Following the successful rebranding of Hepworth Clay, its superior clay range, Hepworth Terracotta, is also set to re-energise the marketplace with a similarly styled rebranding treatment, including updated product literature, banners and adverts, offering a renewed focus on customers, service and products.

With more than a century of terracotta manufacturing tradition, Hepworth Terracotta is now part of the product family once more, with the new branding designed to provide greater clarity for merchants and their customers.

The new distinctive branding will raise the profile of Hepworth Terracotta and give stockists promotional opportunities across the wide range of sustainable, durable and proven products for the construction and ventilation of domestic flue and chimney systems, the finishing of rooflines and the ventilation of buildings via airbricks.

“Our major rebranding puts our clay and terracotta building products in a clearer market position and closely aligns with our business plan,” said Paul Wydell, Product Group Manager at Hepworth Clay.  “Along with our product specification support and manufacturing expertise, we want to ensure that this 100% natural material remains the first choice for merchants and contractors alike.”

Hepworth’s hallmark of precision manufacturing ensures clay is fired to perfection, which guarantees a consistent quality, standards compliance and total service support.

Terracotta is a material which uniquely resists the effects of acid corrosion, extremes of temperature, weathering and other environmental factors. Due to these extraordinary properties, it has been one of the traditional materials of choice associated with applications such as flue liners and chimney pots, and it continues to be.

With this major new rebranding, Hepworth Terracotta will continue over a century’s worth of terracotta manufacturing tradition in the marketplace, through the production of a wide range of items that meet today’s exacting standards.

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