Saniflo keeps pace with climate change

Saniflo keeps pace with climate change

As Britain basks in the hot summer, the heat is on to keep the nation cool. The sale of air conditioning units in the UK has been growing steadily the past few years, particularly in the commercial sector, and now more house builders include air conditioning as standard and a growing number of private households are turning to air conditioning to stay cool. With temperatures set to continue to rise, Saniflo is predicting a continued upturn in the air conditioning market for commercial and domestic markets, and advises people to ensure efficient condensate removal.

Gravity drain units can be problematic because they must be installed on the nearest outside wall, they require space and they can cause potential water damage to a building’s façade resulting in expensive repairs. In addition, stagnant water can pose a health and safety risk due to potential bacterial and fungal growth.

The Saniflo range of air conditioning pumps, comprising the Sanicondens Clim Pack, the Sanicondens Clim Mini and the Sanicondens Clim Deco are specifically designed to expel the condensate from air conditioning units in a quiet and efficient manner without any dripping and with trimmable trunking for a neat finish.

Ann Boardman, Saniflo UK Head of Marketing & Product Management, says: “We encourage industry professionals involved in specifying and fitting commercial and domestic air conditioning units as part of new builds and retrofit projects to not be limited by issues of gravity drainage units.

“The Saniflo Sanicondens range offers a simple and safe option for air conditioning, whilst increasing the options for unit installation. With Sanicondens you can put the units exactly where you want them without being restricted to outside walls. I would suggest that Sanicondens units are absolutely essential for any type of timber-framed building.”  

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