SEA publishes Wrap then Heat report

SEA publishes Wrap then Heat report

A group of leading companies within the energy sector have today outlined a new strategy for making our homes healthier, cheaper to run and more sustainable.

Wrap then Heat, a report published by the Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) recognises that supporting energy efficiency and low carbon heat should be a key objective of energy policy and addressing one without the other is sub-optimal for homeowners, investors and government.

The SEA is now calling on the Government to set out a clear long term strategy to improve the energy efficiency of the UK’s buildings and move to low carbon heating systems.

Commenting on the Report, Lesley Rudd said: “This report outlines polices and implementation approaches which can make the UK‘s buildings healthier and cheaper to run. When buying a car many of us avoid “gas guzzling” inefficient models but running costs of homes are rarely given the same consideration despite lasting longer and costing us more.

“The policy proposals in this report recognise the importance of buildings and their running costs. The report highlights the need for new buildings to be built to higher standards that minimise running costs and emissions, and for a major upgrade of existing buildings. It proposes policies to help move to a market where the running costs of a home are reflected in its value.

“At a time when the Government is developing an Industrial Strategy and a Clean Growth Plan, a national strategy to address the standard of UK housing has the potential to modernise the UK’s aging buildings, improve the health of the people living in those buildings and create nationwide benefits and employment opportunities.”

The full report can be found here.

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