Everbuild “receives ultimate buy-in” from National Buying Group

Everbuild “receives ultimate buy-in” from National Buying Group

Sika Everbuild has signed a five-year deal with National Buying Group (NBG) which will offer its UK-wide network of independent merchants access to a full package of additional sales support across the manufacturer’s comprehensive product range.

The deal gives NBG members, who collectively run more than 400 builders’ merchant branches nationwide, access to the entire portfolio of Sika and Everbuild branded products, including its market-leading sealants and adhesives as well as specialist roofing, flooring and waterproofing products.

Typically, NBG supplier deals are agreed on a one, two or three year basis. This new five-year agreement provides its members with the reassurance and certainty of supply they need, knowing Sika Everbuild will support them in the long-term – until at least 2027.

NBG agreements are built on an ethos of collaboration, with suppliers encouraged to deliver additional support and engage with merchants as much as possible. As part of this agreement, Sika Everbuild will offer all NBG members marketing support, access to training, a responsive customer service team and more. The five-year period gives Sika Everbuild scope to build on this offering, listening to what merchants want and developing tailored support accordingly.

Bob Fleetwood, Purchasing Director at NBG Partner Kellaway Building Supplies, said: “Our primary goal is to serve our members so we have to be confident that a supplier deal of this type will ultimately benefit our membership. Having worked with Sika Everbuild for over a decade and a half, we felt they had a proven track record and we trust the team to deliver what our members are looking for, especially in terms of certainty of supply, which remains a key issue.

“We’re really pleased to have Sika Everbuild on board for the next five years as it will give the team scope to show what they can do for our members, in the way that a shorter period doesn’t always allow. We’re looking forward to seeing how the relationship between Sika Everbuild, the NBG and our members continues to grow and develop between now and 2027.”

Ben Davies, Sales Manager for Sika Everbuild added: “Just like the NBG, we value relationships and we’re happy to be in a position to be able to support the NBG’s merchant branch members over the next five years and hopefully beyond. Although this is the culmination of 16 years of working with the NBG, we see this new deal as the start of the journey and we’re keen to see how things will develop over the coming years.”

To find out more about Sika Everbuild’s extensive range of products, visit www.everbuild.co.uk or contact your local sales representative.

Main image (l-r): Neil Robinson, Financial Director at NBG Partner Inter-Line Building Supplies; Ben Davies, Sales Manager for Sika Everbuild and Bob Fleetwood, Purchasing Director at Kellaway Building Supplies.

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