Snows wins Innovation award

Snows wins Innovation award

Snows Timber has marked what it called a busy year of modernisation by winning the award for Innovation at the Logistics Leadership Awards.

Snows said it strives to focus on reviewing and modernising operations in order to keep up with customer demands – the business is built around distribution so looking after the supply chain is key.

This year saw the implementation of a new routing and planning system, Routyn, which allowed Snows to deliver the same volume of products with 25% fewer vehicles covering 10% fewer miles.

As a result, the company has been able to review its fleet and introduce seven new curtain side lorries to complement its already extensive range of vehicles.

Vehicles in the fleet range from Artics to Hiabs allowing Snows to deliver product to the trickiest areas of the UK. The newest lorries are the DAF XF model, International Truck of the Year 2018.

Snows Timber’s Supply Chain and Logistics Manager, Craig Willoughby, said: “I’m delighted with this honour. We put a lot of work into getting this system in place and it is fantastic to see it paying off environmentally, financially and now with a prestigious award.”

Snows is asking people who spot one of its lorries on the road to Tweet them @Snowstimber.

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