Stowell Concrete: Mixing it up

Stowell Concrete: Mixing it up

As part of its ongoing drive to understand the needs of its customers and improve its service accordingly, Stowell Concrete is highlighting the benefits to merchants of ordering ‘composite loads’ of multiple products.

Stowell Concrete is an independent, family-run business located in the heart of Somerset and specialising in the manufacture of quality concrete products. With over 60 years of experience and deliveries across Great Britain, the company states it has established a leading position within the industry and continues to grow.

The firm says its “dependable service, dedicated philosophy and quality products make us proud of what we do” whilst continued investment and expansion means that the business continues to expand its range and strengthen its place as a recognised specialist supplier within the building, landscaping and civil engineering industries.

The manufacturer has developed to be able to supply both into builders’ merchants’ yards and direct to site deliveries — though the merchants — in full lorry loads, typically within one to three days of ordering. Furthermore, it “aim(s) to maintain significant stocks of all products to reduce the need for you, the merchants, to carry large inventories.”

A key part of its service offering is enabling merchants to obtain a wider range of products into stock on just one single lorry load. As part of its latest campaign is to promote the advantages of ordering composite loads, and created a poster to illustrate this with a ‘fictional load’ giving a feel of just how such a load may look.

Similarly, Stowell Concrete offers the following as an additional example:


  1. Concrete blocks and bricks in Dense, Stowlite, (medium dense) Fibotherm, (insulating) Hollows and Close Textured (paint grade) in a range of sizes and strengths from 3.6N/mm² up to 22.5N/mm².

  2. Midi blocks and Soap Bar blocks as course adjusters in 10.4N/mm² strength.

  3. Concrete 22.5N/mm² Commons in 100mm and 140mm.

  4. Concrete Block Paving in 50mm and 60mm.

  5. Concrete flags in Commercial, Utility, Tactile, Vintage and X-Tex textured paving.

  6. Road kerbs and accessories including the new Textured kerbs.

  7. T-beams 155mm high in a variety of lengths in 50mm increments.

  8. Copings, bollards, barriers and padstones.

The firm advises that this could significantly reduce a merchant’s stock holdings within the yard whilst not compromising on the availability of stock readily available for their customers, due to the supplier’s typical one to three day lead time.

It also offers a further example as to how merchants could benefit by mixing across several of its product ranges to save on the following:

  1. Space: One full lorry load rather than three full lorry loads to get the equivalent products on a load.

  2. Time: One phone call or e-mail rather than three separate orders.

  3. Money: Offering competitive rates may be better than three minimum order values having to be met.

Additional support services include a wide range of literature, from smaller bespoke product guides to a flag and kerb wall chart/training aid. Stowell Concrete also teases that a “new product launch is coming soon”, with Split and Tumbled walling blocks in a variety of sizes and colours for the housebuilding sector.

Click here for more information on Stowell Concrete’s range of products and delivery services.

A version of this article appeared in the May edition of PBM. Click here to read the full digital issue online, via the PBM website.

Stowell Concrete is highlighting the benefits to merchants of ordering ‘composite loads’ of multiple products.

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