TP Northampton illustrates Knauf Insulation’s support for merchants

TP Northampton illustrates Knauf Insulation’s support for merchants

In order to help the customers of Travis Perkins understand whole house insulation solutions, Knauf Insulation has been working closely with the merchant to provide technical support, displays and tools for its newly refurbished flagship Northampton branch.

Jim Guinane at Knauf Insulation commented: “At Knauf Insulation we truly value the relationships we have with our merchant customers such as Travis Perkins, and so we are constantly looking at ways to help support them and their customers.

“Recently in Northampton, Travis Perkins decided to regenerate its Harvey Reeves Road branch by installing an interactive and innovative exhibition centre, showcasing new and revolutionary ideas from leading construction brands. As such, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to support them. We provided the branch with interactive displays and value-added products to showcase what is available on the market to improve the energy efficiency of homes and buildings across the UK.”

A bespoke model house rig was built, which encompasses a pitched roof and an intermediate floor. The rig was fully insulated with products from Knauf Insulation’s new fitter friendly Earthwool® OmniFit range; Stud and Roll, as well as its Earthwool DriTherm Cavity Slabs and Acoustic Roll.

The Earthwool OmniFit range has been designed for multiple applications and provides outstanding thermal, acoustic and fire performance. What’s more, to aid merchants in stocking and transporting Earthwool OmniFit, the packs have smaller dimensions, which means there is more material per pallet than alternatives and more product can be stocked in the same allocated storage space.

An interactive calculator was also installed to the display, which can provide TP’s customers with details of what products they require on a project to help them meet stringent Building Regulations.

Ryan Bibby, Sales Manager at Travis Perkins, said: “We couldn’t be more thankful for the support our suppliers have given us over the past few months in refurbishing the store. The bespoke Knauf Insulation rig will certainly help our customers understand what insulation products are required for each application within a building. What’s more, the interactive tool that has been installed to help our customers with Building Regulations will be a big hit in keeping up to date.”

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