Upgrade proves Knauf’s continued UK investment

Upgrade proves Knauf’s continued UK investment

Increased demand for plasterboard in the UK and Ireland has prompted a significant investment from Knauf into its manufacturing facilities in Immingham, a testament to the company’s commitment to UK manufacturing.

Knauf has recently made upgrades to its production line allowing for a substantial increase in productivity. Re-investment into new machinery and technologies will allow for an increase in production speed while adding extra quality control.

Committed to maintaining and increasing its market share, this latest upgrade has elevated the Immingham plant to the title of longest and fastest plasterboard plant in the UK. It also means the plant is now one of the largest producers of all types of plasterboards in Europe alongside Knauf’s Poland plant.

The third upgrade in the plant’s 25 year history, following improvements in 1998 and 2005, will boost capacity and alleviate some of the demand in the market. It is a huge vote of confidence from the family owned company into the future of UK manufacturing.

Plant manager in Immingham, Paul Snowden, said the upgrade has come at a vital time for Knauf UK when production was approaching capacity and an investment was required. Planning ahead, strategic investment to increase capacity allows Knauf to be better positioned to continue supply for customers now and into the future.

“I think that this investment is a fantastic achievement for the plant in Immingham; the fact that Knauf continues to invest here is a great advertisement for the plant and we are pleased to now be the longest and fastest plant in the UK,” Mr Snowden said.

“We have been planning this upgrade for a long time and it has taken us three years to find the perfect solution to suit our needs. With plasterboard, a longer line means you can run faster.”

In order to complete the overhaul of old equipment the Immingham plant was required to shut down for three weeks but strategic planning allowed for the production and storage of enough plasterboard to supply the market during the upgrade process, with minimal impact on customers.

Normal production volume was resumed on 30th November with the plant now running at the increased capacity levels to supply Knauf customers.


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