Banding together with V12 Footwear

Banding together with V12 Footwear

The V2150 BoB boot was created by V12 Footwear in collaboration with Band of Builders, a charity that helps tradespeople facing adversity through illness and injury. For every pair sold, V12 donates £5 straight to the Band of Builders charity, so it can continue doing its life-changing work for those who need it most.

While the BoB boot does an enormous amount of good for Band of Builders’ incredible projects, V12 asserts that it’s not just a charity boot — it has been designed as a top-quality safety boot, giving on-site protection with strength, comfort and style:

Strength: V2150 BoB gives protection underfoot with a flexible anti-penetration steel midsole, and its composite safety toecap delivers big protection but with less weight.

Comfort: The boot’s moisture-wicking lining reduces sweating and keeps feet cool and dry, while its superior cushioned anti-fatigue insole — featuring V12’s “industry-leading shock-absorbing technology” — is said to take comfort to the next level.

Style: With each pair of BoB boots, a pair of exclusive Band of Builders laces are included. These extra tough and eye-catching boot laces look great, stand out, and help raise awareness for Band of Builders. In addition, BoB’s high-quality suede gives the wearer a super-stylish look.

Built for builders

Like all V12 boots, the V2150 BoB was developed by collaborating with industry experts as well as frontline workers who spend their shifts on the real-life surfaces the boots will end up being worn on. As well as this, V12’s market research, communication with professionals plus its Test Pilot trial wearers give them industry-specific insights on how the boots can best protect wearers in their various environments.

Said to be truly “built for builders”, key features include:

IGS sole unit: IGS is V12’s innovative slip-resistant sole unit, developed with numerous experts in safety and ladder testing and tyre technology. Its hexagon grip pattern is described as the best solution for keeping workers on construction sites slip-free as its cuts through water and channels liquid quickly away. This type of grip is particularly effective for reducing slips on man-made surfaces such as scaffold board or Kennedy Grating, which becomes especially slippery and hazardous when wet.

V12 also developed the IGS with strong, deep ladder grips for those who spend the day up and down ladders to help reduce falls from height, which alarmingly account for more than a quarter of all fatal injuries in the workplace.

Cut-away collar: The BoB boot has a specifically designed padded cut-away collar as an added benefit to those working in construction by giving them increased comfort when driving, ascending and descending ladders and working on the knees. The removed material frees up the foot for more flexibility, because V12 understands that on site you can only focus on keeping yourself and others safe if you’re comfortable.

Comfort without compromise

Its manufacturers arguet that the BoB boot is a safety boot that delivers on all fronts — for example, many of the wearer reviews and customer feedback talk about the BoB boot being “tough, durable and sturdy” but at the same time offering unrivalled comfort. And when working in challenging and unpredictable environments, V12 believes that wearers should never compromise with the company asserting that “the BoB boot is proof that safety, comfort and style in equal measure is a reality”.

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The V2150 BoB boot was created by V12 Footwear in collaboration with Band of Builders, a charity that helps tradespeople facing adversity through illness and injury.

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