Video Guide: Powerflushing a central heating system with Sentinel

Video Guide: Powerflushing a central heating system with Sentinel

Dirty central heating systems are more likely to break down, require premature component replacements, and cost homeowners more on their energy bills. To avoid these scenarios, and keep customers happy, Sentinel has created a step-by-step powerflushing video for merchant customers.

The two-part video not only goes through all of the essential stages of a best practice powerflush, but shows how to demonstrate the benefits of powerflushing to installers and homeowners for maximum customer satisfaction.

The first part of the video addresses the important topics of how to tell if a system needs a clean — which includes instructions on how to use a turbidity tube — and how to set up a powerflushing machine.

This is followed by a second video which is a comprehensive guide to conducting a powerflush, from the first time the machine is switched on, through cleaning each radiator effectively, to the final flush.

To help installers make the most of their time with customers, whether at quoting stage or during the powerflush itself, Sentinel has included a number of practical ideas that can help to win customer confidence. This includes tips on how to use visual aids, such as infrared thermometers and Sentinel’s homeowner leaflets, through to advice on how best to talk to customers about water treatment. This advice is useful for merchants, as they can point customers either to the videos themselves, or use them to enhance staff knowledge and provide greater confidence in sales and customer advice.

The video features Sentinel’s new high performance and easy to operate JetFlush Rapid machine, which is designed to help installers save time and hassle on the job.

Merchants can watch the new video, alongside many other how-to and step-by-step guides, by visiting Sentinel’s You Tube channel at

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