Worcseter, Bosch Group and Baxi comment on the London Boiler Cashback scheme

Worcseter, Bosch Group and Baxi comment on the London Boiler Cashback scheme

Some of the country’s leading boiler manufacturers have been quick to praise the launch of the Mayor of London’s recently announced London Boiler Cashback Scheme, which offers £400 cash back for replacing an inefficient boiler with a newer, cleaner model:

Neil Schofield, Head of External Affairs at Worcester, Bosch Group

“It is extremely encouraging to see that boiler scrappage is back on the agenda. Where previous industry incentives have involved too much red tape, the London Boiler Cashback Scheme does away with the complications and makes things as simple as possible for both the installer and the householder.

“This is a simple policy with clear benefits for everyone involved, and the Greater London Authority should be praised for adopting a common sense approach to heating efficiency.

“It’s hugely encouraging to see that London’s new scheme will be run by the EST, just as the national programme was in 2010. In terms of easy ways to improve energy efficiency within homes and lower carbon emissions, there is arguably no simpler a solution for local authorities than a boiler scrappage scheme. It is certainly something manufacturers and installers can get behind and we’re hopeful that once the initiative has proved successful, other councils will quickly follow suit.”

Following the launch of the so-called ‘Boris Boilers’ scheme, Worcester, Bosch Group has pledged an additional £100 cash-back to the successful recipients of the incentive’s £400 allowance when they elect to replace their inefficient boiler with one of its high-efficiency Greenstar models.

For more information, visit www.worcester-bosch.co.uk


Paul Hardy, Managing Director at Baxi

“By replacing old, inefficient boilers with new A-rated gas boilers or renewable/low carbon heat technology, this initiative is not only a positive move towards reducing emissions from homes, but will, importantly, help to improve the living standards for those able to take advantage of the scheme.

“With over 50% of the population in London living in rented accommodation, the scheme is a valuable opportunity for tenants to encourage their landlords to upgrade their heating system, and benefit from lower energy bills as a result — saving as much as £340 a year.

“The fact that replacement must be installed by a Gas Safe registered installer means the scheme will also play a significant role in once again highlighting to consumers the importance of choosing an accredited installer for any gas boiler work.

“No doubt the scheme will be welcome news for Londoners, but with research showing that there are currently over 2.3million fuel poor homes in England, we hope to see other cities across the UK follow suit.”

For more information please visit www.baxi.co.uk

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