3 key benefits of an ERP system you can manage yourself

3 key benefits of an ERP system you can manage yourself

Builders’ merchants’ systems should be simple, straight forward, and practical.

But why not raise the bar, and choose a system that enables a “computer-savvy” (but not a systems expert) member of the team to configure, write reports, design screens and carry out changes in-house?

“One of the big differences with iQ is that we’ve been able to do so much stuff ourselves, it’s so easy to get your head around the control desks etc. They provide instant visibility of how the business is running without the need to print out reams of reports.” – Peter Caldicott, Premier Contract Supplies

“Internally, making changes and fixing issues has never been so easy. The ability to make autonomous changes to real-time business problems is a gift. We’ve made changes to iQ continuously and it has become our culture to question and improve” – Joe Williams, PGR Builders & Timbers Merchants

#1 – Save time and money
Having the ability to make changes and additions to your software in-house reduces time and money spent waiting for a support team to do the work for you.

Creating your own business specific workflows, triggered alerts, scheduled reporting, user-specific dashboards, security policies and audit trails can save users many man-hours trawling through data or reviewing manual business controls.

“The ability for our team to autonomously edit reports, dashboards and alerts provides far more visibility than our old system and enables us to adapt quickly and efficiently.” – Carlwyn Coombes, George Bence & Sons

#2 – Be more dynamic
Customers have reported increased interest from their teams who can configure and use the system in a way that suits their method of working, presenting them with the data they need as and when they need it.

They are more dynamic, productive and can adapt to the ever-changing needs of the growing business, quickly and easily meeting market challenges, pivoting and take advantage of new opportunities.

“We now have an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system without limitations, that can do what we want it to do – we just have to decide now what the problems are in the business that we can tackle with iQ.” – Graham Cuthbert, Premier Contact Supplies

#3 – Create best practice
Some people don’t like change.

However, having an in-house “champion” who knows the business processes, knows how to make minor changes to the system when needed and can teach other members of staff how it will benefit them first-hand is key to creating best practice throughout the business.

This improves professionalism, efficiency and productivity throughout the business with the additional benefit of improved communication and collaboration between teams.

“iQ enables us to become more productive and set up rules and controls which can be mirrored throughout the branches to ensure that our teams follow best practices.” – Tim Payne, South Coast Building Supplies

Choosing an ERP system that can be configured in house, by a computer-savvy staff member who knows the inner workings of the business, allows you to get the most out of your software.

It can be fine-tuned to the business needs, by the people who know the business best. In fact, it can be imperative in creating continuous improvement and long-term growth.

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