Rose Group’s new e-commerce site,

Rose Group’s new e-commerce site,

“Rose Building Supplies are proud to announce the launch of their new e-commerce site. Integrated into iQ, it gives our customers the flexibility to shop and manage their account online. From start to finish, Blue Rock have been supportive throughout the whole process and I would like to thank Steve and the team for all the hard work and dedication they have given us. With the need for e-commerce ever increasing, it is good to know that we have a reliable and steady platform that will serve us and our customers well for years to come.” – Mark Daniels, Group IT Manager

As lockdowns became the new normal, more than 85,000 businesses “went digital”, providing online stores for easier access to their products.

E-commerce’s share of global retail trade increased from 14% in 2019 to about 17% in 2020.

18% of buyers changed their suppliers for all purchases, in favour of one with an e-commerce site.

BlueCommerce, based on the world-class e-commerce solution NOP Commerce, integrates the iQ back-office system (which Blue Rock installed for NBG members Rose Group in 2017) with their customer facing website – orders can be created, stock levels can be checked and special prices can all be updated without any hassle, making sure that their customers have the latest information as and when it is updated – virtually all the integration is real time between the web and the back-office system, minimising maintenance for Rose Group and improving the customer experience.

This fully integrated web site also enables trade customers to manage their accounts with Rose Group providing improved customer service and better levels of productivity for the Rose administration Team.

With BlueCommerce, Rose Group’s website is easy to maintain thanks to the content management system which lets them update content regularly and easily, post news articles which are of interest to their customers and set up RSS newsfeeds so that their customers can subscribe to their updates and be notified when something changes on the website.

“Working with the team at the Rose Group Building Supplies has been an absolute pleasure. Not only have they been very proactive during the design and the build of the site but gave a lot of attention to the branding and the touches that make the site a pleasure to use. The web site is very heavily integrated into Rose Group’s back-office system iQ (also installed by Blue Rock) which minimalizes the amount of maintenance that their team will have to carry out at the e-commerce site. The next release takes this further with Web Categories, and images also being stored within iQ and updating the web. It is my teams aim to make e-commerce affordable, effective and simple to maintain for our customers.” – Steve Batchelor, Commerce and Product Development Manager

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