Bradstone support pays off for Bence BM

Bradstone support pays off for Bence BM

With a multi-award-winning showroom, a brand new 290m2 hard landscaping display and over 150 years’ experience in the trade, Bence Builders Merchants in Cheltenham knows a thing or two about point of sale — and how ‘first rate’ promotional materials from the right supplier can make all the difference to a merchant’s bottom line.

Knowing what constitutes effective point of sale (POS), and how to position it on the shop floor to generate the desired response from customers, is an art form that can’t be learnt overnight. It takes experience, customer knowledge, creativity and, dare we say it, a little bit of luck to achieve a winning formula.

It is exactly this blend of ingredients that has added to the success of independent builders’ merchant Bence, which is still going strong some 162 years since it was first established in 1854.

Last year, Bence installed new point of sale from hard landscaping supplier, Bradstone. The manufacturer had invested heavily in a new suite of POS materials to help its merchant stockists drive sales. The latest stand designs were designed to be more durable and functional than ever before, built to withstand weathering and colour fade. The design of the stands also meant that products could be used interchangeably, allowing merchants to keep the displays fresh and interesting for customers visiting the branch.

It was around this time that Bence completed its construction of a new 290m2 external hard landscaping display. Rather than replace sections of the display when they became discontinued or worn, Bence devised a three year plan that offered a carte blanche for design and display ideas. The timing of the new POS from Bradstone, and the flexibility it would offer, was considered the perfect complement to Bence’s new display, which features a range of Bradstone products.

Managing Director, Paul Bence, commented: “The investment in our outdoor display was to offer us complete flexibility, and to keep things fresh and interesting to maximise sales. The new POS from Bradstone was perfectly timed to help us meet our objectives.

“We’ve had the Bradstone POS in situ for some months now. Not only is it easy for customers to browse the variety of materials, textures and colours available, the visuals are really eye-catching and reflect consumer trends. This helps landscapers to realise the design possibilities available when using Bradstone products — and we’ve had some very positive feedback. Just like our own display, the POS is entirely flexible so we can make sure it’s working hard for us all year round.”

The full POS units available include 1.3m and 1.5m product area stands, a multi-product samples stand, a Cube V2, metal and card brochure stands and a PVC banner. The 1.3m, 1.5m and Cube V2 showcase product-specific laying patterns and larger pavers so the customer can better view, touch and feel the surface finish of each unit.

Paul added: “We are now mid-season in our landscaping sales and the new display POS has assisted the client in making educated decisions about the right product for their garden. The changes made have certainly added value to the display.”

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