BMF issues statement on EU referendum

BMF issues statement on EU referendum

Statement from John Newcomb, MD of the BMF on the EU Referendum result, on behalf of the BMF Board:

“The BMF fully respects the democratic decision that has been made by the British people and in which our members, their employees and customers have participated. Our priority now is to work together in the BMF and with other trade bodies to make sure the construction industry is properly consulted and engaged in discussions with the government about the implications of the vote to leave the EU. There are many important issues to raise on behalf of BMF members about future changes that impact on jobs and the future of projects and funding that are linked to the government and in some cases to the EU.

“Next week the BMF will enter a period of detailed discussions with other leading Trade Associations such as the CBI, CPA and FMB about the impact of today’s decision on our sector and a more detailed statement will be issued from the BMF Board to all Members following these discussions.

“In the meantime if you have any specific queries or comments about how today’s decision will affect your business then please contact either myself or any member of the BMF Board”

PBM will present a round-up of some of the viewpoints of other relevant associations, organisations and businesses over the coming days.

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