Gibbs & Dandy discusses its new sustainability showroom

Gibbs & Dandy discusses its new sustainability showroom

Gibbs & Dandy has opened a specially created Sustainable Buildings Showroom at its Bedford branch, which will provide the merchant’s professional trade customers with the opportunity to see and learn about various eco-friendly systems.

The showroom is packed with environmentally-friendly products and technologies, including biomass boilers, air source heat pumps, solar thermal systems and external wall insulation. Such technologies can all play a significant role in helping homes to become more fuel efficient and reducing energy bills.

G&D2The Sustainable Buildings Showroom has been created in partnership with Greenworks Training Academy, a leading authority on the provision of training on sustainable building solutions and products. Indeed, as part of the showroom, there will be a centre to train trade professionals from the area about the various products and technologies.

Stuart Harm, General Manager of the Bedford branch, said: “The Sustainable Buildings Showroom was created because we recognised that there is a demand from trade professionals, property developers and self-builders who all want to better understand the variety of technologies available, as well as learn about how these products can be a benefit to either their own properties, or their customers’.

“Additionally, we’re committed to helping homeowners in the area become more energy efficient, so this facility will provide them with the chance to come in and see what will benefit them.  Our efforts to support trade professionals and homeowners will play a part in helping to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings. Sustainability is not just a national issue, but a global one, so while our contribution may only be relatively small in the grand scheme of things, I thoroughly believe that if everyone does their little bit, it will add up to a huge contribution.”

G&D4Marcus Jefford, Chief Executive of Greenworks, believes the showroom and training centre will complement the Greenworks Training Academy in Birmingham, which provides trade professionals with the in depth advice and training they need to benefit from opportunities in sustainable building solutions.

He said: “The new centre will allow us to bring the education and training programme to local installers in the area, rather than them having to come to us. This means flexibility in our service as we will be able to offer training during the time when it will have less of an impact on installers’ working commitments. The opening of the Sustainable Buildings Showroom will provide on-going support for Gibbs & Dandy customers and we believe that it will provide an essential connection to product, market drivers and legislations for the trade professionals.

“This space also opens up to the London corridor for us so we have an opportunity to target big customers in the area and develop strong partnerships.”

G&D3BSG Property Services Ltd provides building and property maintenance services for housing associations, businesses and homeowners. Managing Director Andrew Nunn recognises the potential the training centre could offer his staff in the future and commented:  “Personally speaking, I think sustainable technologies, like solar PV, are going to come back to the forefront again. When that happens we want to be ready to step back into the fold and work with Gibbs & Dandy and Greenworks.

He continued: “If the demand is there from our customers, then we will be in here, learning and training about the various technologies that would be available to our customers.  Ultimately, having the skills to understand and install sustainable technologies will benefit both us and our customers.”

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