Purdy reveals updated POS branding

Purdy reveals updated POS branding

Purdy says its new point of sale branding gives trade professionals the chance to get up close and personal, giving them the capability to test the product quality of its range of brushes, rollers and decorating tools for themselves.

Providing detailed practical information and opportunities to ‘feel the quality’ of products is said to have made Purdy’s updated point of sale branding more engaging than ever. The well-known brush, roller and prep tool provider has developed new point of sale display units for merchant stockists, arranged around key projects, that will appeal to the professional decorator market.

The new POS includes more mid-level boards, which can be positioned at eye level, and will include educational and informative material that decorators can use to make the most of their Purdy products.

Individual products will be presented without packaging, with brushes on flexible drawstring and sleeves on a roller ball, to allow customers to handle them freely and get to know the product materials and texture.

The ‘Purdy Brush Guarantee’ will be displayed prominently too. Said to be befitting of its “premium market status”, the company reports that it is extremely proud to be “the only brush manufacturer to carry PDA accreditation, and of its no filament loss promise”.

Matching specific brushes to relevant paint choices, thereby promoting the best products to achieve the most professional finish, is revealed to be another key aim of the new POS positioning. For example, Purdy’s Monarch Elite will be linked with the emulsions range to demonstrate how this thicker stocked brush picks up more paint while Purdy Sprig will be paired with water-based trim paints to showcase how thinner filaments have less drag when laying off to achieve a smoother finish.

With its soft filaments working best with thinner coatings, the Purdy Syntox will be seen with varnish, woodstain and oils. Indeed, this is a combination which Purdy says works so well because of the brush’s natural ox-hair-like thins that is 50% thinner than any other brush in the company’s range.

Easing pressure on busy merchant counter staff, trade customers will be able to learn more about ‘achieving the perfect finish’ for themselves, with roller sleeve suggestions made for different surfaces, and sleeve and frame pairings displayed together. Purdy White Dove will be suggested as the best sleeve for covering newly-plastered, interior walls, while Purdy Colossus is said to be best for treating rough, artexed or exterior walls.

For those tackling large interior commercial jobs, Purdy Marathon is highlighted by the firm as being the ideal choice — the suggested frame is adjustable for use with 12-inch & 18-inch sleeves. For nine-inch sleeves, the POS display will suggest Revolution frames.

Speaking about the new displays, Product Marketing Manager, Mark Pereira, said: “As a premium market brand, we are dedicated to developing the best quality tools from the finest materials, alongside providing our customers and retailers with excellent POS, featuring information that really dials up our product benefits. These new displays, supplied to selected independent retailers, will help professionals make informed choices about which of our product combinations is right for them and their job.”

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