Counter talk – PHPI

Counter talk – PHPI

PHPI is the leading magazine for those working in the plumbing and heating industry. Each month it delivers news, reviews, products and services to keep the trade up to date with all the latest from the industry. Here, PBM takes a look at its May issue, outlining what has been the talk of your trade customers.

Let’s get started with the Plumbing & Bathrooms feature first and this month we are joined by Wavin’s Hep20 brand to dispel some myths…not of the legend and folklore variety we might add. Although having risen in popularity, Hep20 states there are still some misconceptions surrounding push-fit systems.

One such myth is that plastic is never as good as copper. While copper is an integral material for any plumber, plastic can actually be easier and more effective in spaces like lofts, where hot works can be dangerous. The company goes on to dispel other myths such as copper can’t be used with plastic and that all push-fit systems are the same.

Next up in this section is AKW, who discuses when and where to use TMV2 and TMV3 valves. Staff should know the importance of selecting the correct valve for the correct application as they are vital for preventing scalding but, if used incorrectly, could cause risk of injury and even legal claims.

Counter talk – PHPI

AKW states that TMV2 valves should be used to control water temperatures in predominantly domestic/lower risk bathrooms on places such as baths and bidets. TMV3 offers a higher level of protection and installation is recommended by legislation or authoritative guidance in NHS and private nursing homes as well as private hospitals and schools.

Closing off the Plumbing & Heating feature is Wilo with the introduction of its Stratos MAXO pump. It has been designed for use in large residential and light commercial projects and has been described as “the world’s first true smart-pump”.

Counter talk – PHPIIn a world defined by smart technology these types of products are becoming increasingly popular — and ones merchants should be keeping an eye on. The pump is said to feature an intuitive user interface and claims to redefine system efficiency. It showcases the latest sensor technology and control functions as well as bi-directional connectivity using Bluetooth.

The future of gas is a much debated topic with the heating and renewables industry and this is where we are headed next. Calor has picked up on the recent report from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) which has warned that the UK is not on target to meet carbon emissions targets.

But what does this mean for the future of UK heat? The report suggests that new homes should not be connected to the main gas grid — but it has raised concerns amongst installers who rely on gas installations. However, BioLPG could be the solution. A renewable fuel, it shares an identical chemical structure to LPG but is created from a mix of renewable and waste materials. Customers currently using LPG can make the switch by simply changing their tariff and it is said to be easy to also change from an oil-fire boiler to and LPG system.

Keeping on the heating and renewables theme, we take a look at Worcester Bosch which has introduced a number of enhancements to its GB162 light commercial gas boiler. With manufacturers constantly issuing updates to their products, merchants must keep on top of these updates — not least in the light commercial sector, where opportunities are opening up for merchants.

Counter talk – PHPIFor the first time the GB162 will be available in an 85kW model and it has also seen the introduction of overpressure flues, which result in reduced installation height and increased flexibility. It will also be compatible with the Control 800 which allows for medium and large commercial heating systems to be monitored and controlled remotely via a computer or tablet.

Rounding off this section is Danfoss and its extended range of electronic room thermostats. Introducing the RET2000-OT, it provides modulating control of OpenTherm equipped condensing boilers, as well as complying with Boiler Plus.

Due to its OpenTherm compatibility it exchanges data with the boiler it controls, as opposed to basic On/Off commands. The backlit display is also said to be ideal for those with poorer eyesight, or in locations which are dimly lit — important information to impart to your customers when they are specifying thermostats which need to meet specific requirement like this.

A brief look at the Tools & Workwear feature, and Snickers returns to discuss how the latest innovations in workwear fabric technology provide greater comfort and mobility for those who are working on site.

A lot of working clothes now use the same fabrics found in sportswear and leisurewear such as lightweight 37.5 technology and four-way stretch fabrics. Snickers’ range features these types of materials and provides greater comfort and mobility when working on site and anticipate the wearer’s natural working environments.

Closing us this month is news from Van Vault which has developed eight new products in a bid to tackle tool theft crime. Something people working in the trades know all too well, products which deter and prevent these types of crimes are proving popular.

The products have been tested following 18 months of development and are also said to be the first vehicle storage product range accredited by Secured by Design — the UK’s police approved standard. The range includes a new locking system as well as an anti-theft fixing kit and traditional box style containers.

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