Wood Lane goes live with Border’s CounterAct

Wood Lane goes live with Border’s CounterAct

Wood Lane Timber Merchants Ltd has been revealed as the latest customer to go live with Border Merchant Systems’ CounterAct Software.

Wood Lane supplies timber, joinery and sheet timber to customers throughout the East Midlands. Operating out of purpose built premises near Nottingham reportedly allows them to hold an in-depth level of stock, servicing a wide range of customers in its area and along the M1 corridor.

Border installed Wood Lane’s new CounterAct server back in December 2018 setting up a test system for them to train on with data extracted from the previous system already installed.

The business then had regular on-site training sessions with Border’s dedicated trainers working towards an agreed go live date. Wood Lane successfully completed its on-site training programme and went live on CounterAct on 1 May.

Phil Davies, Commercial Manager at Border, commented: “The key to this successful software installation was working in partnership with Wood Lane. With good preparation and communication from all sides the new installation ran smoothly. Good initial system setup was critical and the data extracted and supplied by Wood Lane was accurate, logically ordered with product codes and groups that have been thought through, so everything else clicked into place.

“Now that Wood Lane are live and settled down with their new system, we are looking forward to helping them gain further return for their investment in CounterAct in the future. After all, it’s imperative that software evolves with the business so it remains central to the companies’ operation.”

For more information, visit www.bordermerchantsystems.co.uk.

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