Professional Builder Counter Attack – November

Professional Builder Counter Attack – November

For over 40 years, Professional Builder has been the favoured magazine of the building trade, picked up each month from merchant trade counters by more than 120,000 tradespeople. As we delve into the November issue to look at some of the articles, latest new products and advertising campaigns from the industry’s active suppliers, take advantage of PBM’s unique insight into the buying habits of your key customers to make more trade counter sales.



Press fitting systems

A detailed article from Antony Corbett, Product Manager for Geberit, shares some of the commonly asked questions about the merits of press fitting and why it is steadily gaining such positive traction with installers. He notes that traditional jointing methods can be cumbersome and difficult to implement, and in many cases simply unsuitable and impractical for the job at hand.

In contrast, he argues, press-fitting can deliver a host of installation benefits — indeed, according to a BRSIA report, systems such as Geberit Mapress have been proven to take 30% less time to install than their traditional counterparts.


VSH MultiPress

A new multilayer pipe system, VSH MultiPress is described as a quality, plastic-based piping system. The pipe features an aluminium layer with additional inner and outer layers of polyethene, whilst the way these layers are linked delivers enhanced resistance to loads generated by internal pressure and high temperature.

The aluminium means there is minimum linear expansion, which is said to deliver a performance comparable with copper, whilst the smooth surface is designed to prevent the build-up of scale and other debris.


Battery technology

In the latest instalment of PB’s Makita Tech Talk series, the company’s Technical Manager Tony Coleman explains how a new generation of twin 18V machines are delivering more power and longer runtimes than ever before. Despite an increasing preference for cordless, he explains that many contractors will only use cordless models on general jobs and stick to corded models on bigger tasks, where more power is needed due to concerns about battery performance.

Tony then outlines the new ranges of Makita cordless machines which make use of twin 18V technology to give 36V power, without leaving the existing 18v platform. Twin battery cordless machines are still as versatile and user-friendly as ever before, but can now deliver the greater power and longer runtimes required for high drain applications such as timber cutting and breaking, or even larger diameter drilling in concrete.

HiKOKI Power Tools

Cordless Disc Grinder

Equipped with a high-power Multi Volt battery and a brushless motor, HiKOKI Power Tools’ G3623DA cordless disc grinder claims to deliver the power of a corded tool and more. Showing the power that the batteries deliver, the new grinder is said to beat the equivalent corded model when grinding steel, with a thrust of 29N, using a ø230mm depressed centre wheel.

The model also features a brake system that shortens the time between turning off the tool and the motor stopping.


Tool Storage

Tool and equipment storage specialist Armorgard has introduced four specially designed heavy duty, high security 1.2m and 1.5m site boxes and chests to combat rising theft from building sites. The TuffBank TB2 and TB3 site boxes and TBC4 and TBC5 site chests have anti-jemmy features and additional internal reinforcements that the manufacturer claims make them almost impenetrable.


Video Doorbell

The latest tech development in home security that builders can benefit from is the ERA DoorCam Smart Home WiFi Video Doorbell. Using a Smartphone app, the system allows householders to view callers and talk to them in real time, whether they’re home or not.

With ease of operation in mind, once the hardware is wired in, the householder can simply plug in the WiFi chime which comes as standard, connecting up to four more chimes in the home.

James Latham

Think you know plywood?

The timber specialist says that it is taking plywood to the next level, stating that its Garnica range of boards “ticks boxes you might never have though possible…” Acknowledging that whilst standard plywood is ideal for a variety of tasks, it is ‘certainly not perfect’ and so James Latham’s advert puts the case for an upgrade…

For example, Duraply means that customers can “say goodbye to soggy plywood” as the naturally modified board comes with a warranty of up to 15 years outdoors. Ultralight, meanwhile, weighs in at just 250kg per cubic metre so heavy boards become a thing of the past. Lastly, Fireshield offers Euroclass B fire performance from face to core thanks to its integral fire retardant treatment.

Campaign News


High Performance Floor Levelling

Utilising the experience of its sister company F Ball in the contract flooring industry, the Setcrete range of easy to use floor levelling products are designed to help the general building trade “create the perfect subfloor”.

A BMF logo on the advert also gives a nod to the firm’s commitment to supporting the merchant sector as it looks to target the trade.



EasiFill Range

With a new Martin Scorsese film just out, there’s something rather timely about ‘The Goodfillers’ tagline on this ad! Billed as being ready mixed and ready to go, it features a number of products in the range including EasiFiller Light for deep holes, EasiFiller Finish for surface damage and the multipurpose Gyproc EasiFiller for holes and cracks.



Clean and dose in under two minutes

Speed is of the essence in this advert from Fernox, which outlines the growing band of installers who are cleaning up quickly with the water treatment specialist’s filters, chemicals and equipment.

As referenced in the ad, a TF1 Filter can be cleaned and serviced in less than two minutes whilst a system can be dosed in only 30 seconds with Fernox Express to make compliance with BS7593:2019 quick and easy.



Product range

This ad showcases the breadth of the Ariston water heating portfolio, from smaller instantaneous units to those with a 250L storage capacity, with the company declaring that it has “a product for any capacity and need”.

Backed by “industry leading” warranties and promising easy installation, the advert closes by pointing customers towards their local merchant.


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