Tools, Fixings & Building Chemicals – November 2019

Tools, Fixings & Building Chemicals – November 2019

Bond It

Monster Tape

Complementing the established Tigris Tapes Range, Bond It is now offering Monster Tape — ahigh strength, waterproof duct tape — a rubber-based, easy tear, heavy duty tape with high tack for binding, fixing, sealing, repairing, joining, protecting, marking and much more.

The tape is said to provide long lasting adhesion on most substrates, including rough and uneven surfaces, as well as on wet and damp surfaces. There is no “fiddly backing tape to remove” whilst an eye-catching point of display box is available, containing 12 rolls of 11m tape.


Waterproof workwear

Comfort and protection throughout the autumn and winter is vital, and Snickers Workwear claims to provide just that with its new AllroundWork Jackets for professional tradespeople.

The range features a selection of water-repellent jackets to give basic protection from the effects of light showers, however for those needing 100% protection from the rain for long periods on site, the collection includes a number of GORE-TEX jackets and trousers that are said to be 100% waterproof to keep the wearer dry, windproof to keep them warm, and breathable to ensure all-day comfort.




Now with a brushless motor, Bosch Professional has launched the FlexiClick 12V cordless drill driver system. According to the company, the top speed has been increased by 35% to 1,750rpm, while maximum torque has been raised to a powerful 35Nm for hard screwdriving applications and 20Nm for soft.

The drill driver has been reduced in length by 17mm compared to the previous model and has four adapters, as well as the ability to adjust the angle and off-set adapters directly on the tool. Sixteen working positions can be set without having to detach the adapter from the drill driver.


Cordless Disc Grinder

The latest tool to be launched by HiKOKI Power Tools, the company formerly known as Hitachi Power Tools, is the G3623DA Multi Volt 36V Cordless Disc Grinder with Brake System. The grinder is dust and water-resistant and is equipped with a high-power Multi Volt battery and a brushless motor.

With a thrust of 29N, using a ø230mm depressed centre wheel, the grinder is said to be light and comfortable to use, and features a brake system that shortens the time between turning off the tool and the motor stopping. Also, the specifically designed structure hinders separation of the wheel while braking, enhancing user safety.


Shower waterproofing kit

Specifically designed to include everything required to allow the tradesperson to waterproof a shower area, wetroom or walk-in shower, Dunlop’s Shower Waterproofing Kit is said to be suitable for any internal intermittent area where continued exposure to water may cause damage.

The kit fully waterproofs the background behind a tiled surface to prevent water penetration up to 1.5m high in a two-walled shower unit or 1m high in a three-walled shower unit whilst also working to prevent damaging leaks.

Midwest Snips

Bulldog Aviation Snips

Distributed in the UK by Rollins & Sons, Midwest Snips has been manufacturing metal cutting snips in the USA since 1945, and states that it fully field tests its products to ensure that they meet the company’s standards of strength, durability and cutting edge life.

The Bulldog Aviation snips reportedly surpass ASME Standard B107.500.2010 (B107.16) with forged serrated blades that require 40% less force to cut seams and multiple layers of metal using either hand. The blade pivot bolt has a lifetime guarantee and the Kush’N-Power grips are comfortable and slip resistant.


MultiScanner L550c OneStep

Describing as the multipurpose ‘trade workhorse’ of the company’s range, Zircon’s MultiScanner L550c OneStep model ‘vibrantly’ locates studs, metal, and live AC electrical wiring behind walls, floors, and ceilings with its advanced ColorTrip display lighting green in stud scan, blue in metal, and red in live AC scan.

The screen flashes, or lights red, to alert the presence of live AC in Stud, DeepScan, and Metal Scan modes, while a 4-mode switch makes it easy to change modes. Stud Scan mode locates the centre, edges, and direction of wood or metal studs up to 19mm deep whilst Deep Scan mode doubles the scanning depth to 38mm deep. Metal Scan mode, meanwhile, locates non-ferrous metal such as copper pipe up to 38mm deep, and ferrous metal such as rebar up to 76mm deep. Finally, AC Scan mode locates live, unshielded AC electrical wiring up to 51 mm deep.



Geocel’s theWORKS XXX is described as being a fast-acting, ultra-strength product which gives 50% more grab than traditional grab adhesives on almost any substrate in any condition without shrinking or staining.

With an ultra-fast bond on almost any material indoors or out and working not just in the damp but actually underwater, the versatile product can be used on a variety of surfaces and cures to an “incredibly high-strength bond in minutes without the need for any secondary fixing in most cases.”

It is available in white in 290ml ‘e’-filled cartridges.



End Cutting Nippers

Made from high grade steel, Knipex claims that its End Cutting Nippers won’t let tradespeople down when it comes to tightening steel mesh knots during reinforced concrete work. The tool is 200mm long and weighs 319g, with a plastic coated handle, featuring a head shape which provides optimised movement when tightening steel mesh knots with hardened cutting edges for soft and hard wire.

The End Cutting Nippers are also suitable for twisting and cutting binding wire.

Norton Clipper

CT901 HP power float

Claiming to offer high durability and versatility, Norton Clipper has launched the CT901 HP Power Float. The four blade walk behind power float is specifically designed for professional contractors that work on finishing wet concrete floors in both residential and commercial buildings.

With a wide range of features, including hydraulic pitch control for the blades, the power float reportedly gives the operator a greater level of control than mechanical pitch systems and helps to achieve a perfect surface finish.

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