Baxi responds to the closure of DECC

Baxi responds to the closure of DECC

Jeff House, Regulatory Marketing Manager at Baxi Heating, has commented in response to the closure of the Department for Energy and Climate Change.

Jeff said: “The disbanding of the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has already been faced with scepticism from some observers, however the changes afoot indicate a positive outlook for the future of climate change and the decarbonisation of the UK in the long run.

“Since it was instated, DECC has successfully pushed climate change to the forefront of the political agenda, making positive and permanent steps to developing and implementing policy on the energy trilemma. Despite the impact that the department has had in terms of putting the energy issue into the mainstream, the latest development should be viewed as the next crucial and necessary step to reaching our carbon targets.

“The merger with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) will create a united force for markets, investors and consumers, and should allow the issue of decarbonisation to better tie up with infrastructure, innovation and policy initiatives. This could create a stronger base for us to propel the issues highlighted by DECC forward and make significant changes for a greater impact.

“We’re positive about Greg Clark pushing forward with the current decarbonisation agenda. While it’s still early days and there’s work to be done in determining where DECC’s areas of responsibility will fit into the new department, we are optimistic about this new appointment and interested to see how this will develop and impact on the energy sector in the future.”

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