BMF App delivers information to employees’ fingertips

BMF App delivers information to employees’ fingertips

The BMF has teamed up with mobile-app developers, Crosby Associates, to introduce the BMF Employee Engage App.

Downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet, the BMF Employee Engage App brings company information to the employee’s fingertips. It has been designed for organisations with a scattered workforce making it ideal for multi-site builders merchants or building materials suppliers, or those with teams working off-site.

The App can be customised to suit the requirements of individual companies, with modular elements designed to streamline communications, motivate teams, create a winning culture and retain staff.

By making essential HR information visible at all times, including the company’s Employee Handbook, Policy & Procedures and the employee’s Contract, the App reduces the time HR staff spend on dealing with basic enquiries. It can also be configured to push notifications through to each user, so important information is instantly available.

One of the App’s big advantages is that it enables rapid two-way communication between an organisation and its employees. Many companies struggle to get regular staff feedback, but the App’s survey tool makes it simple to respond on any given subject.  With the App on their mobile device employees can quickly complete topic surveys when it suits them, for example on the train travelling to work, or while watching TV. The App can even be configured with a moodboard function for employees to feed back how they are feeling at any time of the day.

Other functions, such as the Employee of the Month, are designed encourage and thank people for a job well done.  Staff members can also interact with each other via the App.

John Porter, MD of Crosby Associates, said: “The Employee Engage App provides a new way of thinking and working for many HR functions. Everyone who sees it, loves it, because it is not a one-size fits all approach. The app can be customised to include the modules that suit the needs of different organisations, and the look and feel can also reflect the company brand.  It is also simple to update and include new features and content at a later date.”

Richard Ellithorne, BMF Membership Services Director, added: “We are extremely excited to offer a fresh approach to employee communications. Most of us use apps everyday for different functions at home so why not use one at work? Particularly one that makes it so simple to interact with directly with everyone in your business.”

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