BMF Training Zone – What’s new on Campus?

BMF Training Zone – What’s new on Campus?

The BMF’s online learning platform, BMF Campus, last underwent a significant upgrade as recently as 2019 and the enhanced features combined with a responsive mobile-friendly design introduced at that time have ensured the platform’s continued position as the industry standard for online merchanting training. And just a few years later, there’s now news of further enhancements…

Nothing stands still in the faced-paced world of educational technology and the platform’s designer, Cortexa, has just announced its latest reboot. Launching this spring, the site has received a styling makeover to accurately reflect the new BMF Learning Academy brand, but the changes involved are far more than skin deep — with radical improvements to aid accessibility and the user experience, as well as rich new content.

Important new features include the facility for learners to book onto both physical and virtual events.  This enables learners to remain within their familiar learning environment, providing a truly blended learning experience. The online booking process also tracks candidate attendance and generates a community that can be easily communicated with, both before and after the event.

The reboot also provides an improved user interface for easier navigation, with courses and events displayed clearly front and centre. The richer experience ensures that all new content is quickly accessible whilst the extensive range of existing courses can be filtered, reviewed and accessed quickly and efficiently.

Merchant suppliers have always been major supporters and contributors to the BMF Campus site but until now their input has been largely restricted to offering product courses. This is all set to change, with the opportunity for suppliers to become truly immersed in this learning community.

The latest changes not only enable supplier members to subscribe to the training bundles for their own staff, they will also be able to book onto BMF live events and schedule their own physical or virtual events for merchants to book onto and attend.

Videos and product guides

The other major addition in this round of site developments will enable suppliers to upload helpful resources such as videos and product guides to their own supplier page, so merchant learners have one repository of product information they can easily reach when they most need that information. Product updates and new information can therefore be disseminated quickly and directly to merchant staff.

In conjunction with the BMF Campus reboot, a new Sustainability course bundle will be available to subscribers. The BMF and a growing number of members are actively supporting CO2nstruct Zero, the Construction Leadership Council’s cross industry change programme to drive carbon out of all parts of the construction supply chain by 2050. However, becoming a sustainable industry is a huge and ongoing challenge which requires awareness and education.

The Sustainability bundle developed by the Supply Chain Sustainability School offers 15+ hours of industry specific online training to support merchants and suppliers with the adoption of sustainable practices. The bundle comprises fundamental introductory topics progressing to sustainability management and strategy.

Last but not least, the popular BMF Building Blocks programme of industry specific training hasn’t been forgotten. The BMF is already in talks with Cortexa over the development and launch of four new Building Blocks later this year.

Staff training continues to be of major importance within our industry and the latest upgrade to BMF Campus will ensure it remains both relevant and easily accessible.

For more information, contact BMF Training Manager Kerry Wilson via or call 02476 854980. Alternatively, contact Cortexa directly on 0330 024 2881 or via email at

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