Brexit – merchant perspective from Parkers

Brexit – merchant perspective from Parkers

Parker Building Supplies has produced a Referendum Special Edition of its customer newsletter to discuss the fallout from the Brexit vote.

It begins: “‘TeamGB’ 2012 – was it really just four years ago we were so full of pride, passion and unity?….as they say a week is a long time in politics, so the events and fall out (literally) of the last few days seem like a lifetime and more, and clearly we are not going to be at the starting line for some time yet.

“Irrespective of being ‘in’ or ‘out’ of the EU, the current uncertainty, no strategy, no plan A let alone a Plan B is probably not the best position to be in. It’s not good on a personal basis and it’s not good on a commercial basis.

“The one thing we do know, and we’ve mentioned in this column on a number of occasions before, is that ‘WE’ will have to get on with it regardless of who is eventually announced as both captain of the ship as well as it’s direction – a ship which is rapidly becoming the new Mary Celeste.

“So we will continue on with what we do to the absolute best of our ability in order to assist you during the next potentially difficult period of time.”

The independent merchant also provided a more ‘formal’ management statement, which declared: “On behalf of our Trade Association the BMF we fully respect the democratic decision that has been made by the British people and in which our members, their employees and customers have participated.

“Our priority now is to work together with the BMF and with other trade bodies to make sure that the construction industry is properly consulted and engaged in discussions with the Government about the implications of the vote to leave the European Union.”

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