Honeywell video showcases ‘Smart’ discussion

Honeywell video showcases ‘Smart’ discussion

Leading experts from across the heating industry have met to discuss the future of smart heating controls.

Joining hosts Honeywell to consider a range of topics, from ‘What are the main drivers for smart controls’ to ‘What comes next after the smart installer?’ were Tim Pollard, head of sustainability at Wolseley; Sarah Redwood, deputy director for domestic heat and evidence, Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC); Les Woolner, business development manager at BEAMA; and Michelle Shipworth, lecturer in energy and social sciences and government advisor, .

Also in attendance were Honeywell Installer Network members Alistair McLean and Richard Burrows, representing electricians and heating engineers respectively, along with PBM’s editor Paul Davies.

Chairing the event, Honeywell’s Marketing Manager Andy Mansfield commented: “Connected products are a very high profile topic at the moment, and the whole industry needs to come together to consider how it is going to ensure that the homeowner gets the professional advice and support they need from installers and electricians.

“Forums like this one provide all areas of the heating industry with an opportunity to share their thoughts on how we can create a future where this technology is available to everyone.

“The event was a great success, with discussion highlights ranging from the future of the role of the installer and electrician, how we quantify and measure the benefits of smart controls and whether additional incentives surrounding energy savings through smart controls should be introduced over time. Most interestingly, it raised further questions over how we can ensure the future really is smart for everyone.”

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