IKO on BBC’s DIY SOS for 2nd time

IKO on BBC’s DIY SOS for 2nd time

Last year, IKO contributed to an episode of the BBC’s DIY SOS — and got the taste for helping. Now IKO has contributed to another episode in this year’s series. The programme is currently going out on BBC1.

The project in Dartford was the biggest build ever on an individual house, designed to provide suitable living space for Charlie, a teenager with severe disabilities. Despite the dedicated efforts of his parents and brothers, it looked as though Charlie would have to be moved from the family home into care as the two-up, two-down end-of-terrace home was unsuitable for the daily care he needed.

IKO provided several rolls of its Rubershield breather membrane for the roof of the house. DIY SOS, with the help of dozens of local tradesmen and suppliers, rebuilt the whole of the downstairs and remodeled the rest of the house to provide a significantly better living environment so Charlie could stay at home with his family.

Group Managing Director, Andy Williamson, comments: “We’re always looking to support great charities and help with projects. DIY SOS is one that we’re proud to contribute to for a second time. It’s heart-warming to know that the products we supplied have significantly helped Charlie and his family.”

For more information on how IKO is contributing to projects all over the world, visit www.ikogroup.co.uk.

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